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Well, they are not back in Treasury. They didn't go to Charlotte or to the S. Court. BUT WE CAN NOT LOCATE THEM THIS MORNING. National carriers do not have them. WE don't know what to think about this, we are working on it.
WE hear a deal was made between OBAMA and the World Court. He lets the packs go, a host of pending embezzlement charges against him and Geithner et al, including the 13T embezzeled to pay CHINA last week, are dropped.
Did you see on NBC and FOX last night exposures of Senators and Congressmen who voted TARP and other funds to Banks--- getting kickbacks, er, I mean "campaign contributions" from those recipients of taxpayer funds? Interesting. Fox was really ATTACKING them.
WE hear MERKLE, who represents the SOCIALIST COLLECTIVE in Europe and has been trying to "prop OBAMA up" in front of the G-20 meetings, has been told to keep her nose out of whatever is going on.
WE hear this most recent huge embezzlement by OBAMA was not our funds after all but was nevertheless other peoples money.
Our intell regarding use and distribution of those funds does not agree with the scenario reported by STORY but detail would serve no useful purpose.
WE hear there was a VERY MAJOR EFFORT, led by OBAMA, to delay deliveries till after the G-20 meetings but that he was overcome-- we think, we hope, we pray.
WE still expect announcements to follow promptly on the heels of deliveries.
Did you hear about the rather minor (2.55 B) debt auction in Britain not being fully subscribed? Guess what's coming for the U.S.?
Did you hear about AIG, having paid foreign banks and Goldman Sachs 100% on contracts now telling domestic banks they must take a 70% haircut?
Did you hear about world famous investor Jim Rogers saying on television that neither BERNANKE or GEITHNER have the slightest idea what they are doing?
"HYPER DEPRESSION COMING=STAGFLATION SQUARED" says PHD Economist MURPHY who also says we no longer have property rights in America, the very foundation of our freedom.
Bypassing the Congress (which no doubt would have cooperated if needed), the ILLUMINATI TRIO of OBAMA, BERNANKE and GEITHNER are proceeding to reflate their banks and their private equity friends such as Carlyle, Blackstone and Goldman Sachs with "out of air" money by taking the financial exotica constructed by criminals off the banks balance sheets and Flim Flam-ing it onto the American people (national debt) in the largest and most obvious and most corrupt Govt sponsored scam in American history. This is CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR by the PRESIDENT and his ADMINISTRATION and in my view TREASON as well.
This is the modern day equivalent of Woodrow Wilson handing over our nations monetary system to the privately owned banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve in 1913. If this plan is allowed to stand as is this transfer of the banks massive bad debts and worthless paper onto we the people will cripple and enslave the people for generations to come while the criminals themselves are again rewarded for their corruption. It is difficult to imagine how America could ever recover from this level of intentional Government Sponsored Corruption. The price to be paid to the banks for their toxic junk by government sponsored and financed "private friends" will be totally fictitious and is designed to make insolvent and corrupt banks whole at the peoples expense. In order to bribe the "privates" to play the middleman role they are being guaranteed a can't lose proposition with all losses accruing to the public, another example of "public policy" or "in the public's interest" as defined by our illustrious leaders. We the people were declared "Enemies of the State" as presented to you in exact detail by the writings of Dr. Eugene Shroeder and colleagues and posted on Fourwinds last week. If you thought that was just words on a page observe what they are in the process of doing to their "enemies" with this latest and greatest of all Flim Flams.
Our best hope, our only hope anywhere in this mess is that the announcements following deliveries will make null and void all these illegal plans as they are most certainly unconstitutional. The anticipated move to Basel regulated metals backed banking would put an end to the banks corruption as well. In this scenario the FED eats the debt not the people.
                casper   3-28-09