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In Fridays update WE referred to "found money" coming into Treasury and threats of immediate termination of personnel should they even mention it.
In previous updates WE referred to the enormous dictatorial powers of "War Time Presidents" as a big reason why each President has a war ongoing at all times and OBAMA is continuing this "war time" theme to avoid Executive Branch accountability.
In still other previous updates WE called to your attention BILL CLINTON'S trip to Waco where he was met at the airport and briefcases of Gold Certificates changed hands from those visiting the BUSH ranch from The Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
In still others WE reported the transfer of OUR funds out of the BIS in Switzerland to Germany due to theft and corruption at the BIS. We hear this bank was a construct of the NAZI's to house the wealth from the rape and pillage of Europe in WWII.
Today's subject touches upon all the above as OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON have now stolen massive sums of money apparently with the cooperation of the BIS. This includes the Holocaust Settlement Funds and huge additional monies hidden in more than 125 accounts worldwide including some in the U.S.. The amounts involved now (Monday) are in excess of 200 T having begun at 11T (Friday)........
WE hear that when confronted with the view that this  outright theft of International Funds is an impeachable offense OBAMA'S retort was , paraphrasing, "you can't touch me, I'm above it, we knew where it was so we took it".
The investigation, freezing and retrieval of each aspect of this many faceted and massive theft has lead to still more accounts containing stolen funds and now financial watchers in high places in many countries are involved. Their activities continued all night Friday and all day and through the night Saturday and  ongoing through Sunday and Sunday night as they discover accounts associated with previous thefts (BUSH).  
"Charges" are being discussed and threatened not for the first time. It is very difficult to get at Heads of State, specifically U.S. Presidents and more specifically "War Time Presidents" who have dictatorial powers.  What we see here is a continuation of the ILLUMINATI effort to preserve it's financial playpen with OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON and their people and policies completely interchangeable as they are in fact different faces of the same beast.
Notice that GEITHNERS pre G-20 preparation presentations in Europe this weekend have been publicly rejected by France and Germany calling into question the G-20 meetings themselves scheduled the first week of April in London. In spite of this Geithner issues a statement saying "we are all in agreement". Liar liar pants on fire, much of the world is aware of these thefts already and the rest soon will be.
The "can't discuss it" references to more stolen funds being frozen in Fridays update was not a reference to the thefts being discussed herein but was rather a reference to still more CLINTON/BUSH accounts having been emptied worldwide last week. The accounts now say "zero balance, account closed" which, needless to say, sent the CLINTONS, especially Hillary, and the BUSHES, into another rabid fit.
Since these current thefts are not our funds (this time) the issue arises to what extent does this affect our deliveries? WE don't have a complete answer yet but we can observe that deliveries were stopped at 12:15 a.m. Friday morning by OBAMA and certain packages were "returned to base". Additional intell arriving this weekend suggest deliveries may soon be "back on go" again with reports to the effect the World Court has ordered the Supreme Court to release the packs held there. WE are hearing that had this latest theft been successful we would never have received as HE/THEY would have no need for our tax receipts and certain payments due and overdue from the U.S. to other parties around the world could have been handled from stolen funds without engaging the trigger of our deliveries which causes a long string of dominoes to fall and leads to the exposure of that Criminal Mafia Enterprise known as the U.S. CORPORATE GOVERNMENT.
As we have pointed out repeatedly these are the death throes of the beast and they can not hold back Niagara Falls with a 2 X 4....BUT they surely can mess things up and they do so as often as possible.
While these "second rail" elites kick hundreds of T's and the fate of the world to and fro like a soccer ball there were 654,000 first time applicants for unemployment benefits LAST WEEK. And what is happening with the other two great adversaries of we the people? The POLITICIANS are preparing "stimulus 2" which will be still more hundreds of billions charged to the taxpayers and the BANKS are ordering their champagne and caviar for their next celebration as soon as the behind the scenes accounting rule changes are announced. No longer will their worthless toxic financial exotica "assets" be worthless, with a wave of the hand they will be very valuable, whatever value the banks wish to claim as mark to market accounting is cancelled. Do you understand this? That worthless old clunker you have under the tarp out in the chicken coop where it has been for fifty years is suddenly an extremely rare, exceedingly valuable classic/antique prized and highly sought after auto is worth a million, or a billion. Who says so? You do since its your "asset" on your balance sheet and Viola, you are no longer bankrupt, you are rich just like that. Then, because there is no more truth to be had from their financials it won't take much for the PPT (plunge protection team) using taxpayer funds to manipulate the bank stocks upward with the shift into second gear coming as the public is sandbagged into thinking something has changed and Viola, they have the remainder of your 401K assets back in bank stocks. Claiming a dime is worth a dollar with the governments pre-approval of the claim is FRAUD plain and simple. On Fourwinds now (perhaps the best alternative news site in the world) are two very important articles which describe the full extent of the ongoing Fed Res Banking FRAUD, please read "The Fix Is In For The Fed Res Owners" and "The Grand Illusion of the Fed Res". In addition to this accounting rule change there is a second, or is it the tenth, screwing of the people coming down the pike that being the "public/private partnership" to take the toxic garbage off the banks books and make the crooks whole as foretold in previous updates. This means that hedge funds, private equity firms, etc. will be enticed to take the toxic junk with government guarantees against default. The "private" big boys get the profits if any ever exist and the people are saddled with 100% of the downside via the guarantees. Another example of the money interest/political partnership protecting themselves at the expense of the people while their banking buddies have another round of champagne and caviar. Such easily visible corruption is hard to fathom but here it is right in front of our faces and not much different than taxpayer funds provided AIG being used for still more bonuses and to bailout many foreign banks. And so, while standing in the unemployment line take comfort that your sacrifice is supporting UBS, Deutsche Bank, France's Societe General, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and their bonuses, Merrill Lynch and their bonuses, etc. etc..
Did you see BERNAKE on 60 minutes last night? Seems like a pleasant enough fellow doesn't he? OBAMA is a pleasant fellow isn't he? When someone says one thing and does another we must pay attention to what they do not what they say. 11.7T in cash and credit has been used in the bailouts so far with much much more to come (Bloomberg). Do you realize that a whole new banking system could have been constructed upon the bones of the old for less than this with enough left over to cancel all debts in the U.S. and more left over yet for a large cash payment to every American and yet they continue to throw more trillions at their own banks to save their own system on the backs of generations of taxpayers. Do you think "they" don't know this? And the CDS's and commercial real estate loans and the repo's are yet to come. A nice fellow Bernake who represents the ILLUMINATI BANKING SYSTEM as does OBAMA who has a). Admitted with his own mouth on three separate occasions "he took the money" in question at the time b). Has spent millions defending against more than four dozen lawsuits challenging his eligibility and still refuses to produce his birth certificate or his college records c). Has attempted to steal and/or trade other peoples money more times than we can count, sometimes several times a day and has admitted to same d). Has surrounded himself with well known ILLUMINATI leaders in every major Cabinet position and all White House Legal and Advisory roles e). Has according to our D.C. sources and carrier contacts blocked deliveries time and time again f). sent forth the C.T. to World Court to demand he be given all money in all programs and did so in front of a hundred witnesses and g). has now admitted to stealing 200T of International Funds last week saying "you can't touch me" and never mind h through z you get the point. Now if there is an OBAMA cool-aid drinker out there who can make a silk purse out of this sows ear I wish you would do so as WE have often said and WE sincerely believe it would be in everyone's best interest OBAMA be what he says he is rather than what he does. By the way, the World Court has also threatened everyone over there if they even mention the stolen 200 T, don't know what to make of that, perhaps further embarrassment they and others can't defend the funds from the criminals.
There was again Saturday a tsunami of reports saying delv and announcements Saturday afternoon. Pay attention now "searchers for truth" as this is another textbook example of the ABC boys at work. Europe picks up on the misinfo they distribute and feeds it back into the U.S. as if they are in agreement.  Europe is quoting the ABC boys and minions of OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON whether they realize it or not.  BUSH SENIOR remains the leader of all the underhanded dealings discussed here, OBAMA and CLINTON may as well be his sons as first one then another brings the weight and powers of a "War Time President" to bear and all of them collectively act in the interest of the "club" whether you call it The Club of Rome, Skull and Bones, The CFR, TRI-LATS, BIL-DE-HAMBURGERS, the FED, International Bankers, The Corporation, The Company, etc., it is all the same thing which is ILLUMINATI which is "We rule the world, you are slave labor". The Banks and the Politicians are pawns of the above and the people of the world are Firewood. Don't let this gruesome rant get you down because the firewood is ablaze and we are snuggling up close to their playpen. On Fourwinds right now (perhaps the best alternative news site in the world) please read "The Fix is in for the Owners of the FED" by Oel Skusen and "Grand Illusion, The Fed Res" by James Quinn. These articles explain how all encompassing the FRAUD actually is.
Where/how does one begin to overturn the despicable and evil condition into which 'we the people' have been intentionally placed? Simple, we correct the greatest violation of the CONSTITUTION which allowed all this to happen. We take back the monetary system of our country from the Banking Cartel with Sovereign Treasury replacing or absorbing the FED. WE hear it's already a done deal folks right down to ownership of the waste baskets. All that remains is to announce it which will come more or less simultaneous with deliveries. Ninety five percent of the people will likely not understand what has happened, can't spell Constitution much less understand the difference between a Republican form of Government vs a Democracy and will focus only upon those magic words "debt forgiveness". Books will be written and in time the people will come to understand how close our nation came to permanent indentured servitude. Prayerfully the blackhats will be exposed collectively and individually causing all of us to rethink our responsibilities as citizens as it is ultimately 'we' who allowed this mess to occur, grow and fester.
There exist massive U.S. International debts due Friday which can't be paid unless we and the IMF are paid first. Therefore we expect deliveries this week, perhaps by midweek to accommodate IMF after us.
This update was held back until midday Monday as WE intended to provide detailed specifics regarding the 200T+++++ which we can't do yet as discovery and recovery is still ongoing.
                 casper   3-16-09
p.s. UCC is the Uniform Commercial Code which, along with "Public Policy", rules our country at this time rather than the Constitution. Removing your "strawman" has become a red light issue bringing "them" down on you. See the writings of "S" archived at Fourwinds.