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After losing in World Court last weekend, after attempts to steal then trade funds last Monday were thwarted, after more stolen funds were recovered this week which we can't discuss, confrontation between "power centers" we referred to as "the second rail" reached a fevered  pitch this week.
The magnitude, seriousness, intensity, risk and danger to the world of what went down would be difficult to describe if we could do so which we can't, one reason being we don't fully understand it ourselves. This week it exceeded all that has gone before. The outcome after moves and counter moves was another release of packs for delivery and they were "in the system" and in place Thursday night for delivery today.
OBAMA stopped deliveries again at 12:15 a.m. this morning and the packs are no longer "in the system".
By now you must surely understand at least the general nature of the ongoing confrontation between those trying to get it done and those stopping it and you also know who the players are so there is nothing to be accomplished by repeating this info over and over again.  It always comes down to the same equation, the CORPORATION of THE UNITED STATES and the ILLUMINATI ADMINISTRATION trying desperately to not allow the new, to retain the status quo no matter what the cost and to retain themselves in power by avoiding exposure, announcements and arrest at the expense of we the people and law and order via the Constitution.
Observe please the reality that 17 key executive positions in Tiny Tim's Treasury Dept. have not been filled, that Chinese and American ships have had confrontations in International waters this week, that the Chinese said yesterday they are "worried" about their U.S. Treasury holdings, that New York banks were full of Chinese auditors weeks ago, that internet news sources this morning referred to China withdrawing their funds from U.S. banks, that Buffett has been warning about a Treasury Bond Bubble, that some claim to have seen a "runner" on Fox and CNBC several nights ago that the Fed and IRS are down. There is plenty to observe but the really serious stuff is super secret, is bigger than the things mentioned above, is behind closed doors and concealed behind a barrage of B.S.  each day from the ABC boys. WE get bits and pieces but it would be inaccurate to suggest we know what either side did last night or is apt to do next and, by the way, there are more than two sides.
So where does this leave us? You know the routine, two steps forward, a step backwards. WE don't yet know the specific cause of the overnight cancellation except the usual dog fight as described above. We have no doubt the problem will be over come.
Dennis Kucinick was on television today suggesting the Treasury is being looted. It goes like this; Congress authorizes more trillions for the banks, Treasury borrows the money from the privately owned Fed and gives the money to the banks. The banks refuse to disclose use of funds while they spend the money overseas in Bahrain, Dubai, China, etc.. The U.S. economy is not helped, the distributed funds are added to the peoples debt, the banks shoot Congress and the people the finger and the money interest/political partnership continues. This is called "looting the Treasury" or more accurately "looting the people" since we are left with the debt.  Get it?
I see the recent post ref. Gilmore and older programs. Yes, he precedes C.H. and F.C., WE were meeting and eating with him before most people had computers. When all his various programs failed, SBC, SBC Charco, ITI, Warchest I, II and III etc. his left over funds were, I recollect, given over to C.H. as he skedaddled for Europe with bloodhounds on his trail similar to Madoff/Stanford. WE expect the Gilmore program participants will be paid due the investment with C.H. even though his own programs were abject failures.
Regarding the F.C. oriented post the assistants to Roy S. whose names you are searching for are Hildebrand (boots and hat) and Joe Metlick. WE were present for that party also along with Jones, Taylor, Savage, Lamplighter and oh so many more. There were 112 programs dubbed "Fed Res programs" until two or three years ago when they were moved under the IMF umbrella. WE were present at Roy's trial in Texas and subsequent sentencing in Dallas, WE were among the first participants in F.C. and yet we have no idea who will or won't be paid in this program BECAUSE so many were never turned in. When the leaders were arrested "writers" sometimes decided to lay low and hide the paperwork under the bed. The floor to ceiling boxes of claims in the basement room at the Courthouse at Roy's trial were supposedly computerized however before they were confiscated in Ft Collins. As for those stacked floor to ceiling in Hildebrand's yard shed when he was arrested we just don't know.
Regarding your questions about "FOUND MONEY" appearing in Treasury, shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don't you know the source of these many many TRILLIONS is another big big secret and that such talk is grounds for immediate dismissal?? While they consider whether to deliver WE consider whether to tattle.
WE will update again when we get to the bottom of the current blockage.
                   casper   3-13-09