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Gimme another 30B, another 100B, another trillion says Treasury to the privately owned FED. Glad to oblige says BERNAKE on behalf of the elites who own the Fed. Sign here we will have it for you in the morning, it takes a few hours you know to create it out of thin air.  Then it is added to the U owe Me category and the citizens start to pay and pay and pay as long as they live then their children pay and pay and pay and less and less and less is available for anything other than debt service and the fat cat elites smoke their cigars and conjure how they can get the people through their corrupt politicians to borrow still more faster and pay and pay and pay.
Did you hear BARNEY FRANK mention prosecuting those responsible for the crisis? Can you even imagine the chutzpa of this SOB. More than any other politician in D.C. he is personally responsible for this crisis. What kinds of people must live in Massachusetts that they would send this despicable little freak back to D.C. again and again?
Did you hear about the post by some idiot named MARK HUBER saying Casper, Poof, Story etc work for the Fed Res and there are no packages? I never cease to be amazed at the quantity of airheads "out there" or the level of blindness and outright stupidity they bring to the table. Ignorance is one thing. We are all ignorant about everything until we learn something then we are no longer ignorant about that thing. Stupidity is another thing entirely and what a great example this fellow is.
As reported, C.T., representing OBAMA in World Court last weekend demanded all money in all programs be handed over to them/him. Lots and lots of witnesses friends. Having lost there come Monday morning the attempts to steal and/or trade our funds continued and this has been confirmed beyond doubt. And still we are surrounded by those who think the Messiah has arrived. If you will permit me this personal indulgence, I am beginning to wonder whether a huge segment of our population wouldn't be better off with a nanny government with OBAMA tucking them in each night singing lullaby's before he scampers off to the convenience store with a gun in his hand. For this crowd "sweet dreams" seems more appropriate than "wake up America". And if and when he comes on the tube announcing this or that because he finally had no other choice these are the ones who will dance and cheer never realizing what was required to force him into that position.
Stuff has been going on since his attempted thefts Monday some of which WE know about but can't talk about, most of which WE probably don't even know about. The bottom line is the situation is being handled and should result in deliveries this week, unsure which day. WE are always pressing to tell all we know all the time but must honor some request not to do so. The "cover stories" fly like confetti everyday but successfully filtering them still does not mean WE know everything.
Our deliveries are always subject to what "they" will do next, whether they have been completely overcome, and whether today's good news is laid waste by tomorrows activity. As matters stand right this minute WE have ample and adequate reasons to say we expect delivery this week.
                   casper   3-10-09