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Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 8:27 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

To:  U.N., World Court, U.S. Government, Canadian Government, U.S. and International Media,

and World Governments

We, the undersigned, demand the announcement and implementation of the U.S. Law passed \"Constitutionally\" in secret by Congress in March of 2000, approved by Congress on September 9, 2001, and again passed in November, 2001, commonly referred to as NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act). It is our understanding that members of Congress, the media and other top political people have been prohibited from speaking about NESARA until its \"Public Announcement.\" We find that continued delay in this announcement, and subsequent implementation of this most important law, is causing severe economic, political, international and private duress. This law will provide the following benefits:

1) Abolishment of the IRS and income taxes;

2) Establishment of the U.S. Treasury Bank System, with new currency backed by precious metals, and absorption of the Federal Reserve System in to the U.S. Treasury Department;

3) Restoration of Constitutional Law;

4) Bank debt forgiveness of credit card debts and debt relief to American citizens of bank mortgage and other debts;

5) Removal of the current government administration and new elections to provide a clean slate on which to base our country\'s future;

6) New prosperity options for American citizens;

7) Expansion of these benefits to other countries around the world;

8) and many more direct and indirect benefits.

The undersigned, therefore, respectfully, and as citizens of the world, demand the immediate announcement and implementation of NESARA.


The Undersigned  

8005 Total Signatures

8005: Michael T: Godbout Freeman-On-The_Land

8004.Ernest W. Ogletree  Stoughton, MA USA

8003.Rosendo Javier Rocha Arrué  Spain

8002.Liz Cowell I find it typical that our US Government would be hiding such a thing as NESARA. It has been well over due to have NESARA announced in order to help mankind and end the suffering that is felt throughout the world. It makes me feel ashamed to call myself a US citizen when our own government chooses to hide something so beneficial because it could mean that they will loose their power and money. It\'s selfish to only think of yourself and own welfare when you can be saving the entire world. United States of America

8001.Lorene Haggard Please Announce NESARA NOW! United States


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