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By mid day the grapevine had the news no delv today, will be Tuesday and the IMF moved to Wednesday. Naturally a variety of different excuses came attached.
What is really happening is, having failed to obtain World Court clearance to screw the world , OBAMA immediately proceeded to again try to steal the F.C. and O funds this morning. Having failed in that effort they tried again to trade funds not belonging to them, this was also blocked.
A statement attributed to OBAMA this morning was "If I can't get the money legally I will get it illegally as we must have it".
Leaders of the "State Sovereignty Movement" have been arrested in Nevada with armored personnel carriers involved. Several World Court justices voted for C.T./OBAMA to take all the money although they were defeated. There is no plan yet visible to save the banks other than laying the toxic assets off on generations of taxpayers via Govt. guarantees. Creditors, i.e. holders of long overdue U.S. debt are being stiffed as the U.S. can't pay up. Corrupt financial institutions gone broke by their own hand are being saved by politicians in D.C. at immeasurable expense to we the people. At every turn the beast struggles to save itself and to hell with everyone and everything else on the planet.
How will this be stopped/overcome you ask? What's next you ask? WE don't know. As BUSH demonstrated and taught OBAMA, U.S. Presidents need not follow the laws of our country or the world. OBAMA's attempts to steal or trade are being blocked at every turn. Will this cause them to "let things go" so as to obtain the tax receipts? Or will they pull the world into the bottomless toilet with them rather than let go? As the weekend reaction at the World Court was in response to his blockage Thursday and Friday what will the world do in response to today's illegal actions? Don't think for a minute he/they/D.C./the ILLUMINATI are only stiffing the far east due some unseen disagreement with them. One of the largest creditors being stiffed is EGYPT, a U.S. ally. Now Egypt didn't become wealthy farming and fishing in the Nile so what would have been the source of funds loaned the U.S.? It must go all the way back to the wealth of the Pharaohs with the descendants loaning the money as is the case with the DYNASTY FAMILIES of CHINA.
Intell tied to or traceable to C.T. is garbage, the man is a BUSH cousin who spent a week at the Hyannisport Compound as we reported years ago. With the top five Trustees in Europe previously fired as they were owned by BUSH it is likely, although we can't confirm, that "Frenchy" is also working for BUSH, er-I mean CLINTON, er-I mean OBAMA. Apparently our funds are the only real money left anywhere near Western Civilization and as you can see "they" have not given up their attempts to steal it, "legally or illegally".
Questions about trades, how they are done, who does them, how huge quantities of funny money are generated through multiple coordinating banks was the subject of a fifty plus page report published around the year 2000, was posted in several places on the net at that time. I recall the word "Global" being part of the title and think I remember "2000" being part also. Those wanting to understand how and why this crap continues will need to locate and read that report as the subject is so complex and deep it required 50+ pages for the author to present it, far to much to go into here. Why has it not been stopped? Because the criminals are fighting the new banking system and attendant regulations which are designed to stop it. What force due you propose be brought to bear upon the Fed Res System/Owners and supporting politicians to force them to STOP? What do you suggest can be done for the American people who support criminals in the highest offices in the land including the Presidency?
This is a difficult observation but it seems the American people have been "dumbed down" to the point that freedom may no longer be salvageable. And, as "they" (NWO DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS) next bring wave after wave of new government dependent immigrants in and grant amnesty to 20 million already here its game over and the people will have what they have whether they deserve their government or not.
The above is true and correct intell about what went on this morning. Whether deliveries can still occur tomorrow in spite of it as the grapevine says remains to be seen. More when available.
                        casper   3-9-08