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The meetings which began mid afternoon Saturday U.S. time at the World Court in the Hague are nearing completion now, Sunday night U.S. time. All communications, phones, fax, computers etc. were turned off for the duration of the meetings so WE have been unable to talk to "friends" who were in the meetings before now.
The Connecticut Trustee was in the meetings representing the demands of the U.S. government/OBAMA that all money in all programs be given to them. He demanded that all money located around the world be transferred to his personal jurisdiction.
The CHINESE and DYNASTY FAMILIES present advised the Court,  C.T., and the U.S. government the program money does not belong to them, it belongs to the American people, they have earned the money and they are not responsible for the debts incurred by the U.S. Government.  C.T. stormed out with his tail between his legs. CHINA'S lawsuits against the U.S. will proceed. This is supposed to result in deliveries tomorrow and announcements tomorrow night.
All are exhausted and news is limited. Hopefully we will have more tomorrow.
                     casper  3-8-09