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The gunfight at the O.K. Corral yesterday morning has turned into "The Battle of the Bulge" this weekend and I'm not referring to your waistline.  This now involves the worlds major players because OBAMA stopped deliveries again last night.
As reported we knew more about what happened Friday morning than WE were able to discuss publicly. Now we can report that telephone calls were made to OBAMA from way over there "promising" him what would happen if packs didn't move immediately or if he interfered again as he had done Thursday. Perhaps you noticed that Summers and Geithner immediately went to meet with OBAMA at the White House after which the packs were released again and moved at 3:10 p.m. EST yesterday for delivery today.  Then he stopped them again last night. During this period of continuing blockage by OBAMA and his ignoring of "promises" being made to him since the first of the week CHINA filed debt acceleration amendments in the World Court as reported.
The reaction of the world to his blockage last night has been swift as OBAMA continues with these decisions under the tutelage of BUSH and CLINTON and the ILLUMINATI minions he chose to surround himself with. The world will take no more and made that clear to him Friday morning. In addition to his continuing attempts to trade funds not belonging to him he is well aware deliveries will lead to exposure of  very serious criminal acts by successive administrations and replacement of the privately owned monetary systems of the western world. This represents a loss of "control of the world" not to mention that most of them are facing arrest.
The seriousness of the situation this very weekend can hardly be over stated as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Instead of a "smooth as possible" transition from the old to the new the ILLUMINATI acting through their puppets OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON have created the worst possible scenario risking a total systemic financial breakdown worldwide followed by chaos, anarchy and starvation all to preserve themselves in power.
Many dozens of the worlds key players are arriving at the Hague and elsewhere in Europe as I type. Meetings are beginning immediately and will go on throughout the night. They are now way beyond pissed having determined once and for all that OBAMA's words and signature are of no more value that was BUSH's. The major creditors of the U.S. are present as are major Trustees and many others not yet identified.  OBAMA, having learned of this firestorm headed his way has sent a representative. WE hear he may be allowed to address the gathering but not attend the meetings. 
Meanwhile a couple of dozen U. S. politicians who support our return to the CONSTITUTION including Ron Paul have left the U.S. today "for their own safety" some sources say. Don't be confused by pre-recorded programs and film clips, our sources in Brussels have confirmed their arrival at hotels in Brussels.  
WE don't know everything and we don't know what will happen next, only that the situation has come to a head due to OBAMA's intransigence. The biggest players in the world don't travel unexpectedly and gather this quickly at this location unless something really major is about to happen. You might say the s__t has hit the fan. Our best GUESS is that the creditors are doing exactly what they promised (not threatened) OBAMA they would do which was that they would take over the FED RES and U.S. Banks and given the movements of PAUL and two dozen others it APPEARS the criminal CORPORATE GOVERNMENT may be included. WE expect things to break into the open suddenly and soon either through the Emergency Broadcast System or the main stream media should they decide the jig is up and don't want the American people to burn them to the ground when they learn all that they have been covering up.  
As for those who still "don't get it" because they have a bad case of "OBAMA FEVER", some people simply can't be educated. As we sometimes say "you can lead a donkey to water but you can't make him drink".  It is the world against the ILLUMINATI and there is no longer any distinction between or patience with the puppets.
At the cost of immeasurable amounts of time and energy WE have explained in painstaking detail who the players are, what the war is about and the expected outcome. Most questions sent to us have been answered many times before and can be found archived at Fourwinds.
WE are hearing that deliveries may well be tomorrow, Sunday, with announcements possible Sunday night.
What if anything you ask could stop this outcome? Total and complete and immediate capitulation by OBAMA is our GUESS but the clock may have expired on that possibility already.
Remember friends, the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, is not our friend and does not represent the people as you can clearly see as they continue to funnel trillions to the corrupt financial institutions and hand the tab to us and our children. These institutions pocketed trillions passing along incredible sums to the politicians who helped them rape the world. Don't cry if their demise is at hand. And don't worry about the availability of domestic access if the Banks are closed, we hear that has been planned for. Also remember that OBAMA like BUSH before him has tried to put the country back into another 70 year bankruptcy of nations contract so they could continue their corrupt management of the country a part of which was to declare We The People "Enemies of the State" as described by "S" and casper in previous reports.
Our understanding of the "new" is that it will be honest, transparent and constitutionally correct. The world, we hear, seeks a level playing field not to replace the U.S. Empire and its imperialism.
                  casper   3-7-09