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Apparently the war continues:
Last Wednesday a lawsuit was filed in the World Court by CHINA on behalf of the several families in CHINA who have been funding the needs of the U.S. all the way back to the early 1900's. These debts were due no later than the twentieth of this month and amendments for acceleration of payment to Monday of next week were filed last night in the World Court due to ongoing shenanigans of the OBAMA Administration. The amounts involved are into the extremely high hundreds of Trillions.
The position of the Court has been that they would have no choice but to go after as much repayment as possible which was to include the takeover of the FED RES and U.S. domestic banks.. Now the Court is waffling with implementation of their procedures and Obama is again trying to trade certain of the funds with the attempts sanctioned by certain members of the World Court which has happened before.
OBAMA has stated he "does not give a damn what CHINA does, that they won't go through with it" and he is refusing to pay the debts.
The attempted trades have been blocked and OBAMA is pissed to say the least. Needless to say the Court did not want this information made public. Screw 'em.
Obviously the world powers are again in "showdown at O.K. Coral mode". What this means to us and the big picture is unknown at this time but at a minimum will likely cancel deliveries scheduled today.
More when possible.
                        casper  3-6-09
p.s. Wake up all ye M&H (mesmorized and hypnotized) people.