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Do you have a favorite columnist? Mine are Charles Krauthammer and Thomas Sowell, white and black respectively.
Sowell asked in his column yesterday, why is the OBAMA push to cancel union members right to a secret ballot called "The Employees Freedom of Choice Act"? Why is the attempt to stop opposing voices on radio called "The Fairness Doctrine"? And he points out that millions of lives were lost in Germany and Europe because the people were enthralled with the eloquence of Hitler and the misuse and deceitful use of words. Do you ever think about such as this? Consider how little time, how little understanding, the typical liberal (Democrat) constituent has of this kind of deceit. They see the title of the bill and think its something good.
Assuming there are a few among the M&H (mesmerized and hypnotized) out there with some semblance of an open mind left to them please read this article about Barry Soetoro (OBAMA) by Dr. Orly Taitz, attorney for Allan Keyes, one of the dozens of plaintiffs still challenging his eligibility. If the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT/political establishment/"NWO World" is intentionally violating the most basic provisions of the Constitution is that of interest to you? Do you care? Or have you too decided the Constitution is "a living document" to be changed or ignored at the whim of whoever can obtain power by hook or by crook? (POSTED on FOURWINDS)  Why is his birth place so important? It is the integrity of the Constitution as the ultimate law of the land that is important. If you are willing to accept an unconstitutionally qualified candidate financed by huge quantities of foreign money the next logical step is the "world" puts forward and finances their own candidate for U.S. President. You can't be partially pregnant. You accept and defend and enforce the law of the land, the Constitution, or you don't, in which event it is soon a dusty worthless historical document. Does the election of OBAMA not fit this scenario already and exactly?
The article "AMERICAS FISCAL COLLAPSE", also posted on Fourwinds is the best description I have yet read describing what the Banks, Politicians and BUSH/OBAMA are intentionally doing to the people and the country. At the very least please read the author's (Michel Chossudovsky) concluding remarks. Unless the world heeds his advice the NWO Banks and their sub-sets will, as Jefferson said, SOON see to it "the people wake up homeless in the country their fathers conquered". Print it out, pass it on, e-mail it, Knowledge is power. UNDERSTAND what "they" are doing. Either we the people will heed his call to revolution or we will meekly continue on to the slaughter house we are being led into by the Illuminati's OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON administrations. Friends, I am seriously concerned it is all intentional. It seems so obvious and this article confirms all I have been trying to express here.
In testimony Tuesday morning to the Senate Banking Committee BERNAKE admitted AIG is nothing more than a glorified Hedge Fund further confirming the above article. The Banks are being given trillions of "out of thin air money" charged to taxpayers, then they refuse to disclose "use of funds" as they prepare to take over (which is "privatization") the intentionally crashed assets of our country using the citizens own liability to do so, this being the only difference in what the oligarchs did in the Soviet Union.
Why no deliveries? What about the sledge hammer promised OBAMA? Don't know yet, trying to find out.
Certain packages, in the hands of certain carriers since last Thursday and scheduled for certain delivery last Friday then Saturday then Sunday then Monday went back to the court. Why? Because of the theft and attempted trade of IMF funds last weekend. 
Original F.C. Plaintiffs into the bank Tuesday taking care of business was the excuse du jour then and turns out to be true. Now WE hear of others in the bank yesterday taking care of business which is likely true. Forward Progress people. This should result in our deliveries today or tomorrow as the IMF has now been moved to next Monday.
Everyone has backed off the Hillary/CHINA/Eminent Domain story and in the case of STORY'S update last night he says it is a lie. It is not a lie. As we reported it did happen, she was simply turned down flat then the State Department denied it happened. What did you expect them to say, that Hillary and OBAMA are in CHINA trying to sell the U.S. down the river? Come on folks. The original anonymous report from the Embassy in Beijing must have been accurate as WE are reliably informed by those present the meeting occurred with her and the outcome was and remains as previously reported which was "you don't have such authority, we want no more of your trash instruments" and laughed her out the door.  More is at stake here than ongoing financing of future Treasury Debt to finance Socialist re-engineering in the U.S. by OBAMA which was her goal. There are debts owed going back to the early 1900's due in a couple of weeks. CHINA, actually certain families in CHINA, have refused the various U.S. (Hillary/Obama) attempts to renegotiate or to payoff with more funny paper. Gold or CERTIFIED Gold Certificates only are acceptable. If not paid they will LEGALLY enforce a takeover of the FED RES and American banks.
Geithner finally showed in public with successive days of testimony to congress dealing primarily with the budget. His long awaited plan for the banks is still not visible leaving us to wonder what part GOLD, Debt Settlements, our funding, announcements, etc. is responsible for the delay in something that was due weeks ago. Hmmmm.
Notice STORY'S confirmation of what we have been reporting to you, their attempts to trade any and every dime they can lay hands on.
BROWN was here this week buttering up Congress/OBAMA for his NWO plans and personal leadership of same. Old or defeated or despised politicians never die, they are simply moved around the chess board into whichever slot the Illuminati needs filled at the time, or to provide them with ongoing immunity for past deeds.
The Governments ongoing never ending protection of and attempts to bailout utterly corrupt financial institutions and their criminal leaders has already destroyed the real economy and is rapidly bankrupting the American people. At the core of it is all the usual suspects, Rubin, Paulson, Greenspan/Bernake, GOLDMAN SACHS which is the likely true recipient of taxpayer funds going to AIG and is the reason why they won't divulge AIG counter parties. D.C. is a sewer and Wall Street is a septic tank and they are PARTNERS in every respect and virtually all of them are Illuminati. In the attempt to save their dollar hegemony and themselves from exposure of heinous crimes associated with black budgets they risked then sacrificed the welfare of the people to retain themselves and their fraudulent system of control/finance in power.
WE have always predicted announcements will immediately follow deliveries to start the clean up of this mess. WE have heard very little about announcements recently. The funding is important, the announcements of equal or greater importance. We have no reason to expect change in the projected scenario but we are as frustrated as you are as we watch the daily continuation of the status quo.
                 casper   3-5-09