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CASPER UPDATE: February 26, 2009

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 As reported previously OBAMA stopped deliveries Sunday morning. WE now have the following comment attributed to him dated Sunday afternoon; "If we don't get ours I will see to it you never get yours". By "ours" he meant the 425 Billion for the 1600 in D.C..
I have become convinced that the "brain washed" are better off than the rest of us and I am wondering how we can get some of their wacky tobacco, silly juice, dufus patches or whatever else allows them to remain mesmerized, hypnotized and brain washed. Its just not fair that half of us should be forced to observe the obvious lies pouring forth daily while the anesthetized are able to applaud loudly and sincerely the same conduct which doomed the previous administration. "No lobbyist in my administration" then he appoints several. " No earmarks in our legislation" as 8000 EARMARKS totaling hundreds of billions are included in this weeks legislation. Earmarks for beaver management, snake management on Guam, waste disposal AT THE NORTH POLE, earmarks from politicians long since out of office, earmarks from DEAD politicians (no fooling) all with funds to be forcibly taken from our children. How dare these lying, arrogant, hypocritical traitors point their fingers at the banks, the auto companies or anyone else.  "A line by line cutting of government waste" as expenditures (400B bill this week) considered ridiculous even in good times is passed by Democrats to pay off constituents with the tab handed to our children with zero opposition from OBAMA. "No bank nationalization" as they proceed to do exactly that. "He wants our deliveries done" as he blocks them over and over again. "Honesty and Integrity in Government" as he surrounds himself with Illuminati, tries to access our funds every day and demands payoffs to 1600 D.C. criminals or we don't get ours. " We are going to cut the budget deficit by half" while simultaneously announcing still more trillions in expenditures.
"Transparency in all we do" while refusing to disclose who got the TARP funds. "I don't believe in government for its own sake" as every program, every idea so far espoused calls for massive increases in the government payroll which of course translates into government dependency i.e. socialism. "We should live within our means" as trillions are spent and charged to our children large portions of which are nothing more than politicians pet projects. "Save the auto companies" as he appoints Geithner who is not big enough to see over a steering wheel to run the auto companies and force them to build "green cars" which no one will buy. Milton Friedman once said if you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert there would soon be a shortage of sand, another way of describing Socialism. He (OBAMA) attacks banks and bankers with his mouth while handing over additional hundreds of billions to criminal institutions which are already insolvent. The same with Freddie/Fannie, now that we see how corrupt they are here is another 200 Billion, and AIG, here is another 85 billion and already it is gone. "Fiscal Discipline" as he and the Congress throw money like drunken sailors. "Honest accounting on the books" as all major expenditures are legislated off budget, outside the budget. While always saying the right thing he continuously does the opposite spraying money as if from a paintball gun. It is an amazing thing to watch. It is as if he has bought his own rhetoric and assumes the world is blind to his dichotomies. Also, his attack upon what he calls "the rich" has begun in earnest, not simply increased rates of income taxation but a much broader effort to go after the productive to fund his welfare and redistribution plans, again a mental/personality trait of the extreme left. The tax policies he is now announcing fall somewhere between stupid and insanity. And Control, Control, total Control of all aspects of American life by government run by them. This mad dash toward socialism will result in a revolution which will result in a dictatorship which will result in railcars with shackles and concentration camps unless, of course, the military and the policemen/women find the courage to honor their oaths.
When the Federal Government decides to run the printing presses and the computers around the clock manufacturing money which they then pass around in return for compliance with their agenda we end up with a ten square mile FEDERAL FORT/NWO CORPORATION subverting very quickly everything this country was built on and stands for, something they were already doing and are now taking into hyper speed/space. The left wing extremist are in control and moving with lightening speed apparently assuming their own constituents do not have the ability to see or understand and those who do no longer have the votes to do anything about it.  Now we hear they inserted a clause into the trillion dollar stimulus bill no one read before voting saying all workers on job sites paid for by stimulus money are to be ORGANIZED into unions. "Organizations" here, there and everywhere. Not joined up? No work. Four billion of our money to Acorn to "organize". The census pulled into the Whitehouse. Millions for tattoo removal, millions to teach physicians to write press releases. PORK. PORK like you have never seen or heard of before while preaching fiscal discipline while the people suffer and all of it is charged to our children. It is immoral. It is shameless. It is disgraceful. There is more, so much more that anyone with open eyes and ears can not possibly over look the contradictions or the high speed socialization of the country except the mesmerized and the hypnotized who hear nothing and see nothing and I am jealous and I want some of whatever they are injecting into themselves. 
The "grapevine" said delivery today. What is the grapevine? Well, first of all its nothing to sneeze at. There are hundreds of people all over the world who do their best to follow the bouncing ball and share whatever intell they come up with each other. If the grapevine were not important the ABC boys would not work so hard to confuse and mislead it with their planted disinformation. We are all members of one grapevine or another. Some vines might be thicker, might extend further than others, but each vine is doing its best to turn grapes into wine. The grapevine says deliveries today after successive additional releases Monday midnight and Tuesday noon. Its Thursday a.m. and it ain't happening yet. The grapevine says today.
What to make of this? More last minute delays for legitimate reasons OR continued spreading of disinfo to the grapevine and continued blockage by OBAMA. WE believe in both.
Realize please that games played with us are also being played simultaneously with those above us, behind us and on par with us around the world and that such as this could only be orchestrated from the top at the direction of those at the top  OR  by the bad guys which is the existing system putting out intentional disinfo every day which seems the logical conclusion. Those "at the top" are not into the disinfo business. The bad guys are.  
Who and/or what is the top? Its not OBAMA, or BUSH or CLINTON or the D.C. Criminals or the FED or the corrupt domestic banks HOWEVER these, especially the PRESIDENT, has the ability to delay deliveries as has been demonstrated many times in times gone by first by BUSH and now by OBAMA as they are both Illuminati. Without a package delivery we have no appointment without which we have no access, etc..etc..It has always been thus.
At the top and on our side there exist financial powers greater than OBAMA, greater than the FED. It is they who will get the packages to us with appropriate security of the funds arranged in advance to preclude the ongoing attempted thefts. These friends of ours have tried every possible way, without success, to get the deal done through domestic banks the likely reason being that new asset backed banking destroys their play pen called fractional banking (out of thin air). There will be domestic access we hear, but the deposits are and will remain offshore. OBAMA, the politicians, Wall Street, the FED, the Banks and the CORPORATION are all the same thing from our perspective, a swamp creature which, having destroyed everything they have touched including their own currency are still trying to save themselves, this time on the backs of this and future generations of taxpayers. They are buying time but they can not succeed.  The coming tsunamis of debt far exceed those so far encountered and WE THE PEOPLE will break down completely under the weight of the debt they are loading onto us to save their corrupt system rather than accepting something new they can't control. The demands for more & more money from banks, industry, States, Cities, etc, etc, will be never ending and insatiable and continuing to provide them with funny money charged to the taxpayer is a formula for ultimate disaster. Debt write offs and debt forgiveness are therefore essential.
So whets the answer? Is there an answer? Yes, the new will rise in spite of them as the old comes crashing down around their ears we think, we project, we analyze as best we can. Actually it is Casper doing the guessing and the amateurish analyzing here, no since blaming it on WE.  I think the meltdown is not reversible, is international in scope, is giving the bad guys a shot at killing the Republic and the Constitution permanently and may well have been pre-planned. At the same time the opportunity arises for something other than the evil ones to continue their evil ways which may be summarized as good vs evil and good not evil wins. How? Who? Would not a victory of such magnitude against such overwhelming odds be divinely inspired and led? I think so. If you buy this so far would it not also mean that the frustrating delays are only temporary, short lived and deliveries may well be today as the grapevine says? It is easy to forget but we must remember our funding is not the deal itself, only one of the many outcomes. A change in banking, debt forgiveness, a return to the Constitution, etc. is the deal and with these things comes our funding. 
I believe they recognize the hopelessness of the banking situation and the imminent failure of their monetary system and are determining how much additional capital will be required to bring the 19 banks being "stress tested" up to Basel's capital requirements with said monies provided by outside/overseas/friends of ours if necessary perhaps through Treasury. How does one determine capital requirements when there is no market to mark assets to? Such an endeavor indicates to me capitulation. Why else would they search for a truth so far intentionally suppressed? If they don't capitulate and quickly the new is likely to proceed without U.S. participation leaving the U.S. a third world country with the people controlled by a totalitarian government. If this guesswork in any way resembles actual truth the reasons for ultimate secrecy become apparent as speculators could profit from such knowledge, the media would go skitzo and the people could easily panic unless explanations are forthcoming immediately. Among other things there could be a run on the banks and food supplies so the ever increasing secrecy we are encountering is not necessasarilly a bad thing. The whole damn system is bankrupt friends, the banks, the auto companies, even the government/CORPORATION/swamp creature itself. The bankrupt does not dictate terms to the creditors.
Being in our position as opposed to most of yours does not mean WE know everything or have things figured out. But WE do know many many things we call "peripheral intell" which helps us to understand and accept as fact the reality of the big picture which includes our funding. We are very very close to completion so don't lose hope or your mind while waiting.
Morning news continues to say today.
                   casper    2-26-09