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CASPER UPDATE: February 24, 2009

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Friday morning DODD & others called for Nationalization of the banks. Friday afternoon GEITHNER and OBAMA's press Secretary said "ain't gonna do it". Monday they said they will increase Government ownership of CITI to 40% which is a continuation of incremental Nationalization. Saying one thing and doing another is already the hallmark of the OBAMA administration as it is occurring over and over again on an array of subjects.  
After the packs again moved Saturday p.m. as reported here deliveries were scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. Sunday. Multiple confirmations say OBAMA stopped the intended deliveries at 11 a.m. Sunday morning. Up to this point WE are quite sure our intell is correct. Many sources say the deliveries were stopped at the request of others who supposedly said they were not ready for us yet, therefore deliveries would be delayed till Tuesday. If they were not ready why were the packs out for delivery? It smelled fishy on its face but what the heck, like you we would rather believe this storyline than the alternative which was and is, simply, OBAMA stopped deliveries again as he has done several times before. Now it's Tuesday and already WE are hearing of another delay till Wednesday even though the IMF, when moved from Tuesday to Wednesday to accommodate our delay until Tuesday was once again assured Wednesday was "set in stone" for them. Now they will be moved to Thursday and this week begins to look exactly like many previous weeks, day by day delays with the same excuses being regurgitated over and over again. It the midst of all this WE continue to hear OBAMA is doing the blocking, intell which remains at odds with most sources/messengers. His motivations are unknown except to say he is surrounded by and controlled by Illuminati.  Statements that "this is above him" as was said about BUSH avoids the reality of the moment and the FACT that deliveries are stopped again and again even when the packs are moving toward us.
The President speaks to a joint session of Congress and the American people tonight. It will be interesting to see whether his speech has anything to do with the delays, doubtful but possible. There exist substantial disagreement regarding some of the details of what is going on behind the scenes so we will again avoid explaining the various storylines just as WE avoided the paperwork revisions and do-over signatures of SARKOZY and OBAMA last Friday as we try to act in all of our best interest which sometimes requires silence.  
The announced "stress test" the banks are undergoing right now may very well have something to do with Basel II & III requirements. With no source of new capital available other than Government (taxpayer) funds and the common knowledge they are insolvent, the "stress test" may be to provide cover and explanation for the next step in recapitalization which might be announced by OBAMA tonight or by GEITHNER when he finally makes his long promised and continually delayed presentation of this leg of their three legged stool. Whoever says whatever, they are going to take the toxic assets and lay them off on the taxpayers which is criminal and socializes the debt while the criminals keep the good assets and the profits if any while the Congress sits there sucking their thumbs allowing it to happen. WE THE PEOPLE are catching onto their scams and the natives are restless.
WE remain convinced deliveries are imminent and as is sometimes the case, some of the reasons for our confidence in this view are best left unmentioned here.
                    casper   2-24-09