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Happy Valentine's Day.
I'm not gone after all.
The reason for no deliveries Thursday, Friday and Saturday was because OBAMA stopped them.
The "excuse" for no deliveries Friday was because OBAMA requested a one day delay as a personal favor.
Friday p.m. and evening the cover story was that OBAMA had issued an Executive Order for deliveries  Saturday.
The true reason for no deliveries Thursday, yesterday AND today is that OBAMA stopped them.
OBAMA is a puppet of BUSH, CLINTON and the ILLUMINATI. The sooner the Messiah worshipers awaken to this fact the sooner they will understand that the daily stories/excuses being floated originate with these three, people who work for them, the CIA and the NSA. For weeks we have said this while hoping others were right about him as they insisted he was on our side and was forcing deliveries to occur. Variations on this theme have been coming forth for at least three weeks while our own Intel, occasionally coming from OBAMAS own mouth, said something entirely different. 
The packs WE have been mentioning recently left the court in D.C. Thursday night for what appeared to be Friday delivery. Instead they went to the B.of A. vaults in Charlotte. They were to come out of there for Saturday delivery said the "grapevine" but they were still there early this morning.
Why do you suppose the signing of the hurry up must be done right now stimulus bill has been put off until Tuesday?
Do you recall what was happening when we were to receive deliveries last weekend? They were trying, but failed, to trade the money at CITI. Remember, as long as they have totally corrupt Banks around the world willing to help them they don't actually need the money, they just use deposits as collateral for the trades. They were caught and stopped. The week before that they were trying to pay the 1600 in D.C. 425B of Other Peoples Money and were caught and stopped. Now they, led by OBAMA, are trying to trade on the passage of the stimulus bill before the money itself even exist. The normal order is after passage by the Illuminati CONGRESS the President signs, Treasury creates the debt instruments and sells them to the FED to finance this latest boondoggle of another Trillion. Arranged in advance, the corrupt Banks and Traders working with them were using the VOTE and future availability of the funds as COLLATERAL to do the planned 3 and 4 day trades this weekend which have now been caught and stopped. When confronted OBAMA blamed it on CLINTON and BUSH. Why then, he was asked, is your signature on the papers? Sources in Europe say he can be charged with Embezzlement even now even though the attempts were stopped. Remember, this Trillion like all the others to come is a forced taking by the CONGRESS before it is handed over to OBAMA/BUSH/PAULSON/GEITHNER.
This attempted criminal activity once again demonstrates the level of desparation of the Swamp Creature/Corporation. OBAMA is President of that CORPORATION. How many times did BUSH say, and now OBAMA says "we must have this money, it belongs to the Government". One primary purpose of this attempted trade of 890 BILLION was to generate the 425 BILLION to pay off the 1600 D.C. criminals. If Super Hero intended to use the profits generated to improve the economy that would be one thing- although still illegal, still corrupt and a continuation of the BUSH'S illegal  use of funds. HIS INTENT WAS TO PAY THE CRIMINALS IN D.C. not to help the economy.
We all must understand that the SWAMP CREATURE/CORPORATION IS THE CONGRESS, THE EXECUTIVE, THEIR MARITIME COURTS, THE 1600 which includes LAWYERS and JUDGES, THE BANKS, THE FED, CARLYLE, THE CFR, THE ILLUMINATI, ETC. and even if THEY recognize they can't save their stinking sinking ship they are attempting to steal every possible dime before they are stopped just as the CLINTONS made off with the silverware as they left the White House. All of the important aides and cabinet secretaries surrounding OBAMA are CFR, TRILATERAL, BILDERBERGER and many are all three and OBAMA appointed all of them. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? That he is a lily in a briar patch? The man is from CHICAGO, known for decades as the most corrupt political sewer in the country. WE hear he has "gone home" to meet with BLOGO who, we hear, has the goods on many of them including OBAMA and RAMBO. Already flying in CHICAGO are demands for the indictment of OBAMA'S replacement to the Senate and those calls are coming from Democrats.
Oh well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
There is another round of the "or else" stuff going on behind the scenes as in deliver tomorrow, Sunday, "or else". I am not privy to what the or else is nor do WE yet know whether the packs WE are monitoring have left Charlotte. Neither do WE know yet whether OBAMA and his gang have decided to continue the blockage or to throw in the towel in which event he may very well issue an Executive Order to deliver so he can then claim credit, a trick taught him by BUSH and CLINTON who are his mentors.
More when possible but only if necessary.
                 casper  2-14-09