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NESARA vs Gesara : From Commander Adama

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From: KC
Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009 6:31 PM
Subject: Fw: [DiscerningAngels] Mark Huber, 1-24-09, Re: NESARA vs Gesara : From Commander Adama (Adam DeGray)
2009 Jan 22 MarkH on the DOW and Caroline Kennedy Re: NESARA vs Gesara : From Commander Adama (Adam DeGray)

There is only one Law and that is Nesara. It is the Law of the Land and was signed by President Bill Clinton. There is NO other Law. However, after the first 8 Prosperity programs designed for the Farm Claims payments are paid, other programs were added for a total of 78. Those programs were closed at the end of 1999 and those are the only ones assurred of receiving payment. They will be paid in sequence and do expand benefits to other countries.

There are massive pools of additional funds designated and undesignated funds which will ensure that all around the planet are helped. That did not change the name of the Law, only the reach, and that was assumed by some to mean a change in the Law. That has not happened. Individuals in all countries will receive the same amounts, within 12-15 months of the TV announcement by Lady Master Nada in the US.It all starts here and then spreads out like ripples on a pond, to the fartherest shores, mountains, valleys and islands. Some of these

areas have no commuications systems, computers,or personal telephones or schools. All that must be corrected ASAP. We will restore Constitutional and Common Law and that will also be adopted by the other countries of the world after we reestablish it in the US, and in Canada, UK and Australia.

Fresh water, food and shelter will come first. Free education and medical care will be provided to all on the planet. Fossil fuels will no longer be necessary as Zero point/Free Energy devices and support systems will prevail. Polluting industries will be dismantled as replicators will provide pollution-free manufacturing. Organic farming will be everywhere introduced and expanded. Quality of life will be at the top of the priority list.

We will not need the congested and toxic industrial cities and the 2/3rds of the planet that is sparsely populated will see new communities arise seemingly overnight. And water will rise and restore deserts to fertile soil to support the cottage communities and cottage industries that will proliferate in the new era.

Seeds that produce full grown,trees and crops within 48 hours will be introduced. Many of those devices and seeds are already here awaiting the landing of Galactic ships who will instruct us in their use and in the methods of growing and harvesting non-toxic crops.

Travel just above the surface rather than on highways and roads will quickly become the norm. President Obama has already signed a memo that will declassify Anti-gravity technologies first introduced in 1928 and now in 4th and 5th generation vehicles, kept secret from the public for 60 years.

Mark Huber

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