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CASPER UPDATE: January 17, 2009

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On very rare occasions these updates convey a message of immediate import to someone somewhere. Such was the case with Monday's update so disregard what you don't recognize or understand.
Recently high powered legal reinforcements arrived for our side of the ongoing battle with the Swamp Creature. It didn't take long for the Swamp Creature, Octopus, Corporation, NWO, ILLUMINATI. BUSH et al to bribe this bunch to help continue their sabotage operations. This recent problem has been dealt with.
The famous/infamous "Court Packages" left the court Sunday afternoon, were ordered back by BUSH Sunday night and were back in the Court Monday afternoon and have subsequently moved again. Are these packs real or Memorex? This debate rages on, WE believe they are real.  
It is unusual for US to go 48 hours with no handle on current status. WE are in such a period now. The attempts to block deliveries, announcements, exposures, suitcase, arrest, new banking system, Constitution, etc. etc. etc. never end. Who is on first, second, and third changes each day and some days it is to foggy to see the field. Excuses, explanations and guess's fly like confetti so WE think it best not to guess, to just say WE have hit a foggy patch, another blackout some say, and we will clarify things when possible unless, hopefully, delivery interrupts the fog and the frustration. Yes, WE are aware of each and every one of the daily story lines, that's what we mean by "confetti". WE do not view any of them as accurate and think they continue to originate from the black hat disinfect teams described here previously as the BUSH lawyer group, the CIA and the Treasury disinfo group. With each exposure and disclosure of their corrupt activities the drapes are drawn tighter.
The disagreements continue regards OBAMA'S position in these most recent delays. WE continue to hear he is in bed with the CLINTONS, BUSH and their controllers, the ILLUMINATI. All public indications are that he will fund his Trillion Dollar stimulus plans with funny money added to the deficit, not with tax receipts from our funding.  The opposite is possible of course, that being the engagement of the new worldwide metals backed banking system replacing the FED with OBAMA "playing his part" until announcements are made.
The meltdown continues and the D.C./Fed Res/Wall Street/Banking/Illuminati/Money Interest nexus continues daily to create unlimited amounts of debt as money to save their existing wholly corrupt system and to lay off on the taxpayers and their children the expense associated with this financial/monetary folly. Preservation of the status quo at any cost is all we see publicly which leads to the collapse of the world as we have known it via unavoidable hyperinflation, the historical method of choice for nations to repudiate their unplayable debt. Actual U.S. debt obligations are in excess of 53T, guess what that does to the creditors of the U.S. when it is repudiated = Systemic collapse.  All this to avoid honest banking, honest money, exposure of unbelievable corruption and a return to law and order in the United States. Paulson and Bernake should be in Prison along with the Politicians who refused to allow free markets to punish (via failure and bankruptcy) those banks and financial entities which flooded the world with counterfeit financial exotica. This amounts to the incremental nationalization of the banks and the socialization of America, the latter being reinforced daily by OBAMA'S political appointments. "What's wrong with Socialism" asked Bob Beckle, long time Democrat spokesperson on national television this week? Wake up America, you are about to receive that which you voted for (53%) I.e. SOCIALISM. Recent appointee Carol Browner (enviromental czar) had her name removed this week from the Board of the International Socialist Somethingorother. That should be enough to fool 53% of the people.   
The future living standards of generations of American Citizens are being sacrificed to the greed and insanity of the Beast and the incompetence of the Politicians. Having had months to reflect upon their decision to forfeit their responsibilities by handing over incredible sums of taxpayer funds to a single unelected beaurocrat (Paulson) the Congress is now doing it all over again with the second half of the original $700.B.. Meanwhile the FED continues to provide "guarantees" to banks and others, 360B to CITI recently and 118B to B.A. last week (8T total). Problems of SOLVENCY can not be solved with guarantees from a Bankrupt FED which refuses to disclose where money and credit are going or what toxic "assets" are being acquired in return (cash for trash) to be followed in due course by FED RES bonds backed by said "assets" in an attempt to "mop up" the massive liquidity injections and avoid hyperinflation. It won't work. It is such a cesspool, darn near as big as the cesspool in D.C.. They are buying time by throwing good money after bad but why bother? The outcome will be the same, unless. Unless our funding is part of the unfolding mystery as the funding will be accompanied by a new banking and monetary system simultaneously or very shortly afterwards.   
Where oh where is the Knight on the White Horse carrying the reflation of the world (settlements/our funding) in one hand and the Constitution in the other? WE don't know. Is the collapse of civilization necessary before he appears? The throwing of the candy from the OBAMA parade floats is about to begin. Is it "cover" for the funding? Or is it the visible representation of the takeover of America by the Socialist/Communist NWO and the loss of the Republic and its founding document the Constitution?
It was thirty below in Iowa this week. "The science is settled" says Gore, the 30,000 scientist who disagree are dummies.
International shipping of raw materials, oil, etc. is down 93%. Thats not a typo.
There are at least three versions floating regarding the La Guardia flight into the Hudson river. One story has 20 B.A. bankers aboard, another says 34 B.ofA. plus more from Wells Fargo and the crash no accident. The plane was enroute to Charlotte. WE don't agree but who are we to say? The previous day and night negotiations to give B.ofA. another 20B of TARP funds plus another 118B in guarantees was taking place.
It is not necessary to know everything in order to offer "educated guesses" so in the absence of "secret Intel" WE offer the following guesses;
      1. Bad guys (evil) lose, good guys (good) win.
      2. Deliveries are ready to go, are imminent and will 
          occur literally at any moment.
      3. Announcements will follow immediately.
      4. Recent delays are a matter of scheduling various
         interrelated items and dealing with last minute
      5. The current silence (blackout) worldwide is
           indicative of immediate deliveries.
      6. The lights are about to be turned on.
Please remember and the various web sites struggling to bring truth to the people such as They need our help.  
               Casper   1-17-09