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CASPER THIRD UPDATE: January 6, 2009

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Participants in the latest SCAM as described here earlier today [Tuesday] included BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA, RED CHINA, THE QUEEN, MERKLE, THE WORLD COURT and THE G-20. The intent was to steal all the money including that owned by the other IMF Countries. The world is aware now. The packs were moved from Charlotte back to the Supreme Court on orders of BUSH.
If the packs had been tampered with (they were not) TREASON charges would have been filed against all involved. The money is safe and secure in GERMANY and the hackers have been unsuccessful.  Not that it was not already known but the "true colors" of each of those mentioned above have once again been put on display for the world to see.
WE are awaiting word and we expect to hear that the packs will have come back out of the court later tonight for delivery ASAP, even tomorrow [Wednesday].
                  casper   1-6-08 [Tuesday]   3rd update