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CASPER UPDATE: January 7, 2009

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Lets see now. Where were we. Oh yes, i remember, we were discussing the bad guys latest attempted scam and the latest "i am god/i know everything/you know nothing/and if you disagree with me you work for the CIA" message from STORY.
The latest G-20 scam, the latest attempt to pay themselves and stiff the rest of the world, has failed, just as the gold certificate theft last week failed, just as the theft of the 400B onto the 1576 cards at 251M/per failed, just as dozens of attempts to steal and/or trade our money failed and so on and so forth back through time. As these corrupt activities fail one after another with delay being their only tangible outcome who is the victor? Us or them? The good guys or the bad guys? BUSH/etc. or those who block these activities time after time? It is a WAR as we have pointed out many times but if "they" had won, if they had successfully stolen the money there would be no more war, it would be over, they would have won and their NWO would be firmly entrenched by now and our money would be in their pockets. Instead we have them still trying desperately to save their empire, failing again and again to steal the funds, exposing themselves further with every failure and flying into one rage after another as their attempts are exposed. "THEY" are crashing the world as we have known it and they have caused suffering worldwide on a scale hardly imaginable with their out of control corruption and use of debt as money. In CHINA 60,000 manufacturing plants are being closed. What is to become of those millions of peasants who were moved from the interior to the coastal area plants as U.S. Politicians intentionally, acting under orders of the Illuminati, allowed the gutting of the U.S. manufacturing base in favor of a "service economy", slang for "we will control the world through corrupt financial activities without getting our hands dirty". The manufacture, first use of and distribution of FED RES debt as the worlds reserve currency has destroyed the U.S. and the world which is in meltdown now.
These purveyors of financial slavery for everyone except themselves have created "financial weapons of mass destruction" (Buffett) which are going off one by one and can not be contained, only slowed a bit. They are already insolvent, all of them, and they are engaged now in the business of trying to cover this up with changes in accounting rules and all manner of subterfuge. It took them a year to admit to a recession by which point we were entering into a worldwide depression. They are liars and con artist extra-ordinaire, the media are controlled participants and the Politicians haven't a clue except those many who know the truth as they are owned outright by THE STREET. The politicians in D.C. are no more capable of "oversight" of these snakes than your milkman is capable of handling King Cobras. They are silly putty in the hands of criminals. Paulson has just given CITI another 20B in addition to the 25B of TARP (taxpayer funds) previously provided in addition to the previously raised private equity capital totaling tens of billions (Arabs, Sovereign Wealth Funds). Band-Aids. Ever larger band. The scammers are being handed our tax funds indebting our children and grandchildren while they continue to try to implement one thieving scam after another. Who knows what they will try next right up to the moment we receive and perhaps even after that as represented by their attempt to insert chips into our cards. By the way, we hear B.ofA. refused to follow the G-20 orders to tamper with the packages but did follow BUSH'S orders to return them to the court which seems to be their resting place between attempted scams. The main point to grasp here is that there is nothing new in the words of BUSH or their never ending attempts to steal the money. Messing with the computers, as they have managed to do time and time again is not the same as possession of the money.
Regarding STORY he seems to get bogus "facts" fixated in his mind never to be changed no matter what. Like a clinched fist nothing can enter or leave as he decided on his "truth" years ago come hell or high water. His never ending defense of his QUEEN is a very good example. She was a participant in this weeks attempted G-20 scam just as she was in so many other attempted scams over the years when she was actually partners with BUSH before their various fights and was again his partner (along with OBAMA and MERKLE) in this weeks attempted scam. Her knighting of GREENSPAN at her castle in Scotland at the very zenith of the FED RES/TREASURY attempts to steal the money and STORY'S avoidance of that subject like the plague is another example of his "don't confuse me with the facts" attitude.  STORY knows very little about "our business". He never has. For those of us who have focused on this one endeavor (our business) daily for way more than a decade it has been interesting to observe his fixated opinions and explanations leading toward the publication of a book which, had it been published already would have been a disaster for him as the content of his mind and his book will be exposed literally at any moment as lacking in understanding of even the most basic knowledge of "our business". WE think his Intel comes primarily from the ABC boys (perhaps through intermediaries) and we can testify that wading through their B.S. is no small task. In our world we often have calls intercepted by the ABC boys who then pretend to be "our contacts" in many different countries. This is true of incoming calls as well as outgoing. Imagine trying to sort through their crap which is often orchestrated disinformation disbursed worldwide. WE have been fooled by them many times as they have taken a special interest in trying to keep US confused. Fortunately our contacts are so widespread and diverse it's just a matter of time for us to learn we "have been had" and to start over. If we have to deal with this volume of B.S. on a single subject imagine what he must have to deal with on a dozen subjects. Deliveries and announcements will demonstrate once and for all that STORY does not understand "our business" and will save him the embarrassment of publishing a factually inaccurate book.
                 casper  1-7-08
p.s. Oh, i almost forgot to mention that morning news says the packs left the Court, again, in the night making deliveries today possible if positioned in time.