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CASPER FIRST UPDATE: January 6, 2009

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   casper 1-6 -09 early afternoon
This report   Written prior to the "late afternoon" report also dated today.  
Over the weekend we heard that OBAMA had tried to "go off the reservation" with decisions of his own but was "put in his place" by the CLINTONS. Yesterday we learned what that was all about with the appointment of CLINTON puppet LEON PANETTA to head the CIA.
PANETTA has no Intel background or experience, was CLINTON'S White House Chief of Staff and this appointment removes any remaining doubt about a CLINTON takeover of the "OBAMA administration".
Whatever they are using to blackmail OBAMA must be really serious, perhaps his birth in Kenya or perhaps it is "sexual" in nature as reported by several websites.
The how/what of it does not matter, only that the completely corrupt CLINTON/CIA nexus is back in place which is the opposite of all we have expected and written about, i.e. a return to Law and Order in the U.S. via a return to the Constitution including announcements and exposure. This is a very serious and frightening development. This group kills their enemies openly, often and without hesitation.
Perhaps a dozen CLINTON minions now surround OBAMA in all key areas of government which represents a highly visible continuation of the status quo and continued Illuminati control of all key aspects of the American Government.
This is not the time for jokes or "i told you so".
This is a time for every OBAMA supporter and every American with a brain still operable to OBSERVE the obvious ramifications of control of the U.S. Government reverting back to BUSH's utterly corrupt partners BILL and HILLARY CLINTON.   
OBAMA will play stage manikin/mime satisfying the minorities need for "one of their own", the ignorant mass's need for a  talker with a big smile and baskets of candy to throw to the adoring crowds and the "Internationalist/Globalist" need for someone capable of selling the NWO/World Government and the accompanying death of the Republic/Constitution by deceit rather than confrontation.
Its all there, its all so obvious and the CLINTON takeover of the CIA is the final piece of evidence needed for doubters to see that the MESSIAH has no clothes.
What will stop this freight train of corruption? Only deliveries followed by announcements and yes, WE still expect that to happen at any moment.
"Another grim year for the global warmers" says the tube. Sea ice now the same as 29 years ago say the satellites. Average annual temperatures in Europe set record lows six of the last ten years say the weather experts.  How about another Nobel prize for Gore this year? All he has to do is switch to " New ice age upon us says Al Gore: World Taxation necessary". 
Another marvelous example of the sheep following the bell as the masses appear unable, unwilling or to lazy to think for themselves.
BLACKOUT, Smackout, crackout.
By now you should know that anytime you hear this word they are trying to cover something up. Shame shame on them. By now they should know that even the ants, termites and birds on the window sill work for truth, justice and the American people and against the corrupt Political(D.C.)/Illuminati (N.Y.) nexus. 
Regarding the paragraph in STORY'S latest novel referring to us being ripped off by the bad guys, don't worry about it.
We have been "ripped off" dozens of times and BUSH has said "never a cent to us" dozens of times.
It's not that his Intel is wrong, just that it is "dated" and lacking in the understanding that bad guys do bad things, good guys overcome bad guys and fix things.
Things have needed "fixing" several times recently and that's been done. STORY has a  broad knowledge of the intricacies and relationships of world events but when it comes to "our business" his knowledge has always been a mile wide and an inch deep. Nothing has changed in this respect with the passage of time. There are several things in his excessively lengthy report we could critique and correct but 99% of it has nothing to do with "our business" so why bother?
Just be aware, unlike him WE don't chase butterflies as WE have only the one focus, deliveries and announcements. His utterly ignorant statement that "who ever denies this (what he is saying) is part of the CIA Psy-Ops operation against the victims" is another example of his out-of-control ego on display and his gross lack of understanding of who is "ruling the roost" i.e. "controlling the money".  
This report was interrupted by the content of today's report marked "late afternoon" which is demanding all our time right now so will return to this later.
             casper  1-6-08    early afternoon