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There was a horrific fight yesterday as BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA and the CHI-COMS arranged the illegal and premature payment of funds to the G-20 nations in front of us. This was a breach of the contracts which clearly state "us first". They were paid but they did not obtain access. Their most recent scam was for the BIS to take our funds (via the inserted chips) and the funds of all the other IMF countries then the G-20 would access leaving everyone else holding the bag.
All twenty accounts have been frozen and confiscated and the funds are being sent to Germany with the intent to pay these funds to us at the expense of the G-20. The other IMF nations were not participants, have not lost their funds and will receive after us. The funds were frozen and confiscated by attorneys working on our behalf. They have been threatened with all manner of EVIL which has angered them greatly.
The G-20 has responded by ordering the packages and cards destroyed. For the past three days at B.ofA. Charlotte they have once again been putting chips into our cards so they would have future access to our funds.
Actions are being taken now to see if this has actually been completed and word from some of the G-20 nations themselves is that those participating will be locked up immediately if they have tampered with the packages in any way.
This latest situation is unfolding as we write. More when available.
                         casper   1-6-09  late afternoon