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CASPER UPDATE: January 4, 2008

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Lets begin where we left off:
( BIS =Bank of International Settlements)
There is more than one version of the BIS/CRAWFORD story out there. Here are the facts as we understand them.
The scattering of the Farm Claim money was a diversion as they knew it would be retrieved and they would be caught, especially those who went to the ranch.
So the head man of the BIS arrives at the airport carrying a briefcase full of gold certificates valued cumulatively at approximately 150T.
He is met there by BILL CLINTON who takes them to D.C. removing "his share" enroute and turning the rest over to BUSH or his rep then on to New York to watch the ball drop.
The BIS man then goes to the ranch where he stays overnight with SENIOR and BARBARA then returns to Switzerland (by way of New York we think). No arrest, nothing to be found at the ranch. By the time the good guys arrive, its over, the loot and the outlaws have gone their separate ways.
This was NAZI money warehoused at the BIS, not our money.
WE hear the certificates have been retrieved throwing the bad guys into another rage as they intended to use these funds to recapitalize the FED RES which is scheduled to go down at 12:01 a.m. tonight. So BUSH then stops deliveries again Saturday, another of those absolutely can't miss "guaranteed" delivery days which everyone who is anyone knew about worldwide.
 At this time certain of the packages are in Charlotte and have not as yet been returned to the court from whence they had come early last week.
WE hear B.of A. and assorted "code-breakers" are working feverishly around the world to get into the funds again. Remember, they have demonstrated they have the expertise and they are assisted by "super computers".
What are the IMF countries and the world doing about this you ask? Sitting behind the fence yapping their heads off like a bunch of gutless "Taco Dogs" unwilling to follow through on previous threats such as shutting down the carriers in all their countries.
Why do they not do this or release the suitcase some of you ask? WE hear that so many worldwide are implicated in all manner of corruption and blackmail (the ranch, pedophilia, bribery, murder, etc.) that they can not expose U.S. officials without disclosing their own participation in all manner of debauchery and corruption.
Remember, the entrapment and blackmail of important players worldwide did not begin last week, it has been ongoing for decades. If "they" can again stop deliveries Saturday can they not stop them again next week and forever? WE don't know. It is not just BUSH but also the incoming administration which is actually another CLINTON administration which are partners with the BUSHES and controlled by the money interest known as the ILLUMINATI.
The new banking system removes world control from their hands by removing control of the manufacture of FED RES "MONEY" and their ability to force the rest of the world to accept depreciating script and the paper of a bankrupt nation in return for tangible assets such as oil.
WE hear our money and control thereof has now been removed from the corrupt BIS and placed with BUNDESBANK, the central bank of Germany.
WE are unable to explain how this makes things safer for us as we all know Germany has participated in all manner of corruption with BUSH, the VATICAN and BLAIR. Nevertheless we hear our funds are now located there and MERKLE has somehow been neutralized.
At this time we expect our deliveries Monday/Tuesday with the IMF going Wed./Thursday but as you can see even the most important "guarantees" are not worth much so long as the bad guys can stop deliveries.
A week ago the carriers had comitted to following the orders of the G-20 not BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA/CARLYLE so we can not explain what has changed in that respect. By the way, WE hear the CHI-COM rep to the G-20, the instigator of the G-20 bribery described here last week has been replaced leading one to assume the ongoing bribery scandals are with individuals rather than governments.
WE view all these last minute corrupt activities as the death throes of the Swamp Creature/Octopus/Corporation and expect them to be overcome even though we often don't understand the who or the how of it. As usual WE are taking certain known facts and attempting to analyze the big picture which is treacherous duty as there is so much we don't know.
As you can see the corruption is worldwide not just in the U.S..
WE don't pretend to understand the weekly/daily/hourly warfare between the factions with our funding being only one of the hostages involved.
What we can see clearly is, The Illuminati and their corrupt minions and allies are doing everything possible to maintain the status quo and to retain world control at all cost.
WE are just as frustrated as you are, as is everyone from the IMF countries to Trustees worldwide and expectant recipients at every level. Rabid dogs don't die easily and these ones especially.
Our guys must get "high behind" before those computers manage to do what they have done previously.
It didn't have to be this way.
The intransigence of the CORPORATION/SWAMP CREATURE has caused massive unnecessary suffering of the people all over the world all for the purpose of retaining themselves in power and avoiding announcements, exposure and arrest, without which WE THE PEOPLE, will continue in slavery to the financial elite, and we will suffer the ever increasing loss of liberties to their NWO police state.
                casper    1-4-08