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CASPER UPDATE: December 31, 2008

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Lets review:
Deliveries were scheduled late last week and others had traveled internationally to be in place to access Friday after we received Thursday.
All was rescheduled for Monday. Sunday night and Monday morning we learned deliveries were being delayed again as the BUSHES, mom/pop/&junior, operating from the ranch, ordered CARLYLE to order carriers not to deliver. This problem was supposedly overcome Monday and deliveries---
Were rescheduled for Tuesday. Then word came SENIOR had bribed RED CHINA, or certain key individuals in RED CHINA, to give them some codes which allowed BUSH to mess things up Tuesday. This problem was supposedly overcome Tuesday and deliveries---
Were rescheduled for today, Wednesday. With this news came reports that the BIS had ordered it out, all interference overcome. From Asia to Europe to the U.S. all sources were advised the BIS had released it and deliveries were certain for today.
It's now Wednesday afternoon the last day of 2008 and fireworks are underway in Moscow where it is now 2009. Word just arrived the packs are back in the court and the problem, as near as we can determine, still has something to do with RED CHINA, perhaps ongoing problems associated with them providing codes to the BUSHES, a problem we had been assured had been overcome on Tuesday. Another possibility is that the BIS itself is the problem. Remember previous admonitions, "when you determine someone to be a liar it is always downhill from there" and they have definitely lied to us and to the world. Whether acting on their own or reacting to something done by BUSH and RED CHINA remains to be seen. Our best judgment from what we know is that the Bank itself is the problem or more likely bribed officials thereof.
Happy New Year          -Again.
This world is chock full of liars and con-artist. From our level it is impossible to determine all the details. In addition to those waiting around the world for us to receive so they can access the IMF countries were told they could access at 10a.m. this Friday morning after we received today.
Given the desperation of the bad guys last minute activities we would guess the exposures must be horrific-for them.
Hang in their friends, the WORLD will overcome the criminals where ever they may be located.
                  casper   12-31-08
p.s. the count of banks bailed by our tax funds presently stands at 207.