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CASPER UPDATE: December 28, 2008

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OBAMA/CLINTON/BUSH, acting in concert, bribed the five Trustees who then authorized B.ofA. to STEAL 400B from our cards and give it to the D.C. criminals on 1576 cards with 251M/per.... The Trustees were caught and fired, the cards cancelled. Included in the payoffs were Cabinet Secretaries, most of Congress and those throughout government who were participating with BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA in blocking deliveries and the planned theft of all funds except a small expense check to us which would have triggered the activation of their cards loaded with our money. The second half of this plan, call it Plan A, was the delay until after OBAMA'S inauguration of any serious money when he was to issue an Executive Order confiscating all funds except the 400B they had divvied up among themselves and the small expense checks to us.
When the above was caught and stopped they resorted to Plan B, the bribery of the G-20 who had been sent to the U.S. for the express purpose of getting the deal completed. BUSH SENIOR approached and bribed the Communist Red Chinese representative who in turn recruited three other of the G-20 reps to participate in the ongoing blockages hence the lies emanating from the G-20 upon arrival in D.C. last week. They were to be paid after the fact, after all funds had been confiscated via OBAMA Executive Orders. Just as the Trustees had fallen into a trap so too did these snakes and skunks get caught with every hand in someone else's cookie jar. The GO-20 were huffing and puffing and play acting they were on our side when in fact they had been bribed individually by SENIOR/JUNIOR/CLINTON/OBAMA. OBAMA was an instigator not a silent participant. He said he was going to get our money "legally or illegally" but either way he was going to get it. After several confirmations from our own sources we now have it from his own people that not only did he do these things but that he has been confronted face to face with the facts and told point blank he is a bigger crook than George Bush. He was told "this is not your money and you will never see a dime of it". The G-20 reps involved have been replaced. The amounts involved in the bribes are huge but so far no exact numbers, WE are working on that.
The current status is we are on go again immediately. Focus on the positive which is that the scumbags are overcome again and again. We must expect and look forward to the announcements putting a stop to much of this out-of-control corruption in D.C....
If all goes as scheduled this may well be our last communication. For goodness sake wake up America.
A "community organizer" does not become President with 600 million in financing unless he is on board with the money interest, the Illuminati.
It is shocking but true, they are no better and no different than Madoff.
Until WE THE PEOPLE are willing and able to open our eyes to the actual reality and truth of the CORPORATION and the D.C./Wall Street nexus of corruption they will own the plantation, they will continue to rape and pillage the people on the plantation and our once great nation will be no more, replaced by their NWO.
What do YOU, as an informed and wealthy individual, intend to do about this?
          casper    12-28-08