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CASPER UPDATE: December 27, 2008

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Again and again delv are scheduled.
Again and again they are delayed.
The last three times the excuse given has been consistent--Bush, Clinton-Obama acting in concert to delay deliveries. Threats are made then not followed through by our side. WE don't know why.  It may be that the announcements of the Constitution preclude Obama and Hillary from taking office and avoiding exposure the primary Bush purpose.
As we said recently it was necessary to withdraw the funds from Treasury due the corrupt activities in D.C.. Even so, delv were rescheduled as the cards representing the deposits care not where the deposit is actually located.
Thursday night and Friday A.M. the G-20 reps arrived again in anticipation of delv Friday, then today. Packs had moved. Delv were certain, then stopped.
There were a variety of last minute problems recently from the firings of the Trustees to trouble with the RED CHINESE. Remember, they are drowning in U.S. debt Instruments and preserving that value is their primary concern. These and other problems were handled then bingo, new problems arise. Delv. were scheduled yesterday with announcements last night, then today with announcements tonight. Problems with Obama/Clinton/Bush is all we hear.
As for your questions about which Senators were paid off the answer is all of them got the cards with 251M/per and 1576 such cards containing the STOLEN funds were distributed in D.C.. If we had named names prior to this Intel coming out we would have mentioned Kay Bailey Hutchison, Phil Gram, Orrin Hatch, Barbara Bush, etc. who were being paid sums in addition to the 251M. These STOLEN sums were distributed throughout government including Treasury and even the Justice Department. The cards were cancelled,...Who knows what new scam replaced this one.
These criminals should be arrested and jailed but as you can surely see laws are for you and me, not for politicians in D.C..
Make no mistake friends, every important report for the last two weeks says OBAMA is a full fledged partner in these blockages.
Extreme anger is being expressed in many places and always his name is front and center. Of course they are all just puppets of the money interest.
Those following us had been promised their funds Friday, needless to say "one delay all delay" a fifteen year old rule which has never failed.
The secrecy is intense as they are extremely worried about which scandal will break next. WE still expect the full announcements to occur and something to be done about the colossal cesspool which is Washington D.C.. Every day the crisis deepens economically and politically. The ignorant masses are like sheep headed for the butcher shop as they can not even comprehend the extent of the corruption. There is not a nickels worth of difference between Congress and the money interest. Add to this 20+ years of Executive Branch corruption with Judicial Branch cooperation, malfeasance and treasonous conduct and we have what you see on television every day, one disgraceful exposure after another with no end in sight.
Remain positive. Not because we are delusional but because so much evidence justifies this viewpoint.
The current news says: "Early next week", but is subject to overcoming the latest OBAMA/CLINTON/BUSH/ILLUMINATI blockage.
                     casper  12 27-08