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CASPER UPDATE: December 19, 2008

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Jokes aside you must surely realize how much we despise bringing you negative news especially at this time of year and especially on a day when ALL SOURCES were told deliveries would occur today.
At approximately the same time the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels were receiving their "secret" cards with 251M on each the packages in the Supreme Court which we have followed like bloodhounds for a very long time left the Court and went to Bank of America in Charlotte. There the funds to cover the illegal cards was pulled from the cards in the packages and, we hear, chips were inserted into the other cards to provide the bad guys, LEAD BY OBAMA, future access. A total of 400B was removed from the cards then OBAMA/CLINTON demanded another ONE TRILLION DOLLARS be handed over to them. They used the Trustees in Europe to provide the orders to the Bank to do their dirty work. These packages have now been returned to the Court in D.C. we hear and it is unclear whether they are with or without chips.
As we have said in previous updates good men do not intentionally surround themselves with criminals. The entire CLINTON team which is now the OBAMA team have fought our deliveries for years, stolen all or part of the funds more times than we can count and now continue their attempts to block deliveries to block  announcements which would put them out of business. The corruption and ongoing criminal acts are beyond words and are led by the same players (RUBEN, CLINTON, etc.) who now operate with OBAMA as a fully knowledgeable and participating partner of the team. CHICAGO CESSPOOL meets D.C. CESSPOOL and if you are not ready yet to take your blinders off just take a big sniff of the air in D.C..
They intended each of us to receive 25K expense money then steal the rest. When that plan failed they apparently resorted to the plan described above. WE don't think what has happened would be possible without cooperation somewhere upstream in CHINA and that angle is being worked on now.
As we were again assured of deliveries today and tomorrow as was everyone else with "insider information" we assumed all this had been overcome. Now we are not so sure. Remember, we are peeking through key holes and sniffing under doors. Only GOD knows what is going on we have not found out yet. And as soon as we type that last sentence the phone rings and things get worse.
WE hear all checks (payments) to IMF program participants, IMF Countries and IMF programs offshore have been cancelled. Of course this would not be possible without CHINA and others approving this. We hear all money has been moved out of Treasury to Switzerland. Everything reported herein not withstanding THE BAD GUYS DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY. More than 1500 of these criminals received the cards with 251M which not coincidentally is very close to the 400B they stole off the cards while they were at B.ofA.. All current Cabinet Secretaries and all OBAMA Cabinet Secretaries got the cards not to mention BIDEN and so many others throughout the Government. WE hear ALL OF THEM ARE SCARED TO DEATH the American people are going to drag them out to the lamp post as one scandal after another is disclosed. This includes all of BUSH'S people, HILLARY'S people and OBAMAS people.
Those closest to OBAMA, close enough to spit on him, said this afternoon we will never see this money. Remember, he does not have to control the money which has been moved to Switzerland. It is only necessary he block deliveries hence announcements. It does not matter how much money we have or where it is located if we don't receive the packages.
As for the Military being arrayed in Georgia (or is it Alabama) in anticipated violation of Posse Comitatus we hear the Military has told them they will not go up against the American people in defense of a bunch of criminals in Washington.
What will "our side" do in response to all this? WE don't know but they must be aware or the Trustees would not have been fired or the money moved to Switzerland or the D.C. cards cancelled.  
The MADOFF scandal ($50B) is nothing compared to what is going on in D.C.. There must arrive a moment when the American people say "no more". Madoff is going to prison for the rest of his life while these 1500++ proceed to the next scam with no accountability whatsoever.
It can now be considered "common knowledge" what Hussein and Hillary and The Congress have done as our intell is arriving regularly from multiple directions. The CLINTON influence has over taken OBAMA, we thought, but the reports keep on coming that he is more corrupt than BUSH ever dreamed of being.
What will be done? Does anyone care what is happening to our beloved country? How great a set back is this? Why does not the Military or the Provost or Fitzgerald do something? Are there no limits whatsoever to their corruption? Is there no one in this country to put a stop to this? Must it fall to the people themselves as it has in the past? Have the LAWS of the land been ignored for so long that nothing is left but internal and external MOCKERY of our once great country? WE know what questions you have, we just don't have the answers-yet.
Personally I see no one attempting to stop their corruption. They have destined the nation to total collapse and quite possibly anarchy. The world will surely respond in some way but when? They are just as sick of these criminals as we are. Pity those moved into place around the world twelve and more days ago, sitting in hotel rooms at Christmas time unaware until right now what has happened.
Where is GOD? Where is the Galatic Federation? Where is Hatonn and Germain and the rest of the "we've got 'em on the run" crowd? Hundreds we know about and perhaps thousands we can't name have died at the hands of these Corrupt Bastards who with their pals in the CIA seem to take great pride in torturing their own citizens. It's about POWER and GREED and MONEY and CONTROL and they have it and will not relinquish it even if it means the death of the nation. They will be Johnny on the spot picking up the pieces with their stolen loot at a nickle on the dollar and finally implementing their NWO on the ashes of the United States just as they said they would and the leaders of this parade is BARACK OBAMA, JOE BIDEN and the UNITED STATES CONGRESS.
Military, how do you sleep nights? Is "following orders" so ingrained in you that you will allow the country to be over run by a MAFIA just because many of them work in the PENTAGON ?   DO SOMETHING!!!
CIA, go to hell. Do not pass go, go straight to hell.
Senators and 1500 other con-artist, criminals, crooks and TRAITORS in Washington D.C. may a cold wind always be in your face, your bread not rise, your tires be flat, and may you be available when the citizens of America arrive with the ropes.
More when available.
                 casper   12-19-08