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CASPER SECOND UPDATE: December 18, 2008

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 Today's news headline says:

 "Obama to Crack Down on Wall Street Greed and Scheming".       BULL CHIT !!!! 

Deliveries were AGAIN scheduled today and "the world" knew it. The scuttlebutt coming out of D.C. late this afternoon, and it is very strong, is that OBAMA/CLINTON have somehow stopped deliveries again.

How can this be possible?                       By controlling key players such as Trustees. For example, of the five in Europe-- one was fired two months ago, -- two more, --then the two replacements fired, --then all five fired due to corrupt activity on orders of bad guys.     By who?             CHINA and we don't mean the CHI-COMS. These five immediately thereafter began delivering the CLINTON/OBAMA "spin" they were being replaced by OBAMA/CLINTON trustees who "want it done immediately".    Nothing but lies, they were helping provide a cover story as the news about OBAMA trying to steal the funds was moving so fast worldwide they had to do something quickly to try and confuse the situation. Our deal was immediately moved to Switzerland and OBAMA/CLINTON told to get out of the way. Our disclosure of the bribery cards, Intel we withheld for a week, blew the lid off in lots of places including CHINA and resulted in "temper tantrums" by OBAMA/CLINTON as they knew they were losing their 251M each.  Be aware, WE don't generate such Intel in house. It is well known before we report, although the bad guys thought it their ultimate secret. Now that they have lost these huge sums being paid to them even after they had fought our funding tooth and nail for a decade, they are trying desperately to retrieve their stolen loot (impossible) and short of that to block deliveries so they have time, we are GUESSING, to rework their blackmail games. The BUSH blockages were handed off to the OBAMA/CLINTON bunch and those blockages involved Trustees appointed by Senior and his allies. It has been a war between the CORPORATIONS CRIMINALS and the rest of the world with all major players worldwide involved from the Queen to Queen Beatrice, from the Vatican to England, from Sarkozy to the European Union, from Deutsche Bank to Merkle, to Switzerland, China and Banks and Trustees in many countries including the United States.                                             For those of you requesting/demanding more detail, you have millions of words previously written, by several messengers, Over many years of Reporting, describing all of this in enormous detail.    WE don't have time to rewrite because You are too Lazy to go back and read.

There is a WAR going on with news breaking hourly. It is all we can do to try and keep up with new developments and once again, for the record, we don't know everything and don't claim to. WE report the Truth as we understand it yet it is always subject to revision and if you have noticed we do clean up our mistakes when we learn of them. The "NEWS" is what it is. WE sometimes make news, but that is not our job or our goal. WE are reporters not principals.


Now that the five have been reportedly sent away for a very long time the "action" appears to be transferred to the U.S. Trustee, The "C.T." who is a cousin of Senior and the likely instrument of OBAMA/CLINTONS current blockage. Reading between the lines, dirty rotten scoundrels in this country are likely protected from "export" by the  CORPORATION.        Lies are spewing forth from C.T. this very day and now that OBAMA has obviously sold out to CLINTON AND THEREFORE TO BUSH, in summary THE ILLUMINATI, it is highly likely C.T., acting on behalf of all of them is the proximate cause of today's blockage. Now suddenly he has more ‘paperwork to do.’  What a load of crap. Deliveries were definitely scheduled today, they have been blocked and we must wait to see how those fighting to get this done respond. It is an extremely difficult situation. Sure the Good Guys could bring the U.S. to its knees in a hurry.   No one wants that, the bad guys know that, and act with impunity Unless and Until, the Announcements are made. They OWN the Printing Press. They are spitting out Trillions giving most of it to their "click-buddies-chums“, and adding it to the taxpayers tab, while pretending they give a damn about WE THE PEOPLE.  What a joke. You don't need a degree from Wharton to understand this.

 More befuddling in our view is the lack of action by the good guys who make plenty of threats and promises. They bark like Doberman's and bite like poodles. WE were ASSURED nothing could stop deliveries today and this Intel came from the ‘biggest of the big’ in CHINA and it came direct, no room for misunderstandings.

Because, likely know more than you do, you look to us for answers. We cannot explain how a 100% guarantee results in failure except to say that the scuttlebutt coming out of D.C. late today is that OBAMA/CLINTON are responsible.


Its evening now and word just arrived OBAMA was confronted with absolute proof today of what he did to block deliveries, and that he would henceforth be treated as the crook he has demonstrated himself to be.

 There are various details we are asked not to discuss but the okay was given to inform you the $251M to the politicians and various Government types was taken from our funds by the Trustees. The cards have been cancelled.

 Deliveries are back on go for Friday and Saturday.

         casper   12-18-08   2nd