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CASPER UPDDATE - December 18, 2008

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WE hear we were entirely too generous to OBAMA when we suggested he is being blackmailed by the CLINTONS.
WE hear he definitely tried to grab our money, he definitely tried to put his own Trustees in place of the five and that the fired five immediately started spreading "The OBAMA wants it done story".
WE also hear the previous update with disclosures immediately created such a fire storm the OBAMA camp responded by spreading the false "we want it done" story. You may recall we said before the election both McCain and OBAMA were quoted as saying they would stop it.
Now we hear the bribery cards went into various gov't hands besides Congress such as Cabinet Secretaries and even the Justice Department. WE hear the cards are being cancelled leaving all of them slightly upset.
OBAMA IS NOT OUR FRIEND, he is the enemy of our funding and we now have this Intel confirmed many different ways.
Info to the contrary is being spread by his people and the usual suspects including the fired five in Europe.
BILL CLINTONS former personal secretary has now joined the OBAMA team. Now if we can just get Monica Lewinski on board the CLINTON redux will be complete.
The cover story of the current issue of the news tabloid THE GLOBE is entitled OBAMA ELECTION ILLEGAL, SHOCKING CHARGES THREATEN HIS PRESIDENCY, NOT BORN IN U. S. HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE FORGED. No problem says the Supreme Court, the Constitution no longer valid in the Court System owned by the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES.
WE AIN'T GONNA TELL says the FED RES to Bloomberg and Fox news in response to their FREEDOM OF INFORMATION demand for explanation of where the two trillion charged to taxpayers has gone. Its been distributed worldwide folks to entities supporting the continuation of the unconstitutional FED RES SYSTEM. Congress and President WILSON handed over the monetary system of the United States to private bankers in return for "campaign contributions". They print script and loan it to the U.S. people "at interest". 2 cents to produce a hundred dollar bill, even less now that they can create out of thin air by issuing computer credits. The trillions they are issuing to banks domestic AND FOREIGN are being added to the bill being presented to generations of Americans yet unborn.
It is the biggest SCAM in the history of the world and has been allowed to happen by successive corrupt and ignorant Congresses. Those who fought it got "Whacked" (Deaded) often in airplane crashes.
Goldman Sachs and other Banks are now using funds provided by the taxpayers to pay bonuses. Coupled with the funding of FOREIGN financial institutions is it any wonder they won't disclose the destination or use of the trillions? You did get your bonus didn't you? Surely the corrupt Congress/Banking nexus didn't overlook you and have by now bailed out your business?
Deliveries and announcements are imminent. Very imminent.
               casper  12-18-08