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CASPER UPDATE: December 16, 2008

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Now for the latest Global Warming weather update; worldwide measurements through early December show 2008 to be the coldest year on record since 1994. Do you think this will stop or slow down the "world taxation/communist restructuring"?  No way Jose'.
Only announcements of a return to the CONSTITUTION can save us from the Illuminati/NWO/U.N./United States CORPORATION scams underway for decades under both Democrat and Republican administrations. The Congress and the Supreme Court are participants as demonstrated by the use of taxpayer funds to bailout corrupt banks and Wall Street and by the refusal of the Court to demand  production of a legitimate OBAMA birth certificate. Our country has been stolen from WE THE PEOPLE by the wealthy elite who have passed their own unconstitutional laws using the bought and paid for legislature which has sold out the nation in a hundred different ways. The executive has assumed the roll of dictator (HLS, Patriot Act, Torture, Illegal Wiretaps of citizens) violating all historical limits on the Presidency and then using Federal Judges employed by the CORPORATION to incarcerate any citizen attempting to fight their murder of the Republic. Not one citizen in a hundred understands what they are doing or how the country is now ruled by a privately owned banking cartel (Fed Res), bribed politicians and unelected Bureaucrats (Paulsen/Geithner) who are working for the Banks/Illuminati not the American people or even in the best interest of the country. No matter how great or obvious this Treason becomes the people seem not to have the will/ability to stop or overcome it. Because "they" control who the people can vote for (BUSH, KERRY, CLINTON, McCAIN, OBAMA) there appears to be no way for the people to recapture the Republic from a wholly corrupt Octopus/Swamp Creature which has taken absolute control of all aspects of American life (Law Enforcement/States and Municipalities made dependent upon the Federal Government) and this "takeover" using War and Emergency Powers Laws forfeited by the Congress to the President is now so complete and all encompassing that private companies are allowed their own jails inside the Pentagon and the CIA.  Government corruption abounds at every level and provides the guidance for business to conduct itself outside the law or any norm of morality. Always the people are the victims. The amounts of money moving back and forth among the Politicians, Business and Government Contracts is staggering and simply added to the debt owed by our grandchildren. The result of all this highly visible corruption is the collapse of the country as we have known it and "Democracy" (a form of Government despised by the founding fathers) is always followed by a dictatorship, in this case a "face" who works for the money interest (Illuminatti). 
Once upon a time...we were a nation of laws. Now we are a nation of men, corrupt men who have destroyed the nation and even the world for personal gain. The pain so far inflicted upon the people in general, the elderly in particular and the unborn in spades has only just begun. At the heart of it all is the Congress, especially the Senate, which with their bought and paid for votes have allowed corruption to flourish, even participating themselves, and which has destroyed the very fabric of society including the laws set in place to protect the people from the money interest.  If we do not receive this week we are going to expose the huge amounts of bribery money paid to these corrupt bastards on encrypted cards Monday a week ago yesterday. Apparently they think they are the only ones who can see the computers. Its time their FAMILIES and Government Employees in D.C. and the American People learn what an expensive little whorehouse they are running up there. And while we are at it we may as well name those Senators and BUSH family members appointed by Senior as Trustees so they could steal still more money after blocking deliveries for years on Seniors orders. And, we might as well go ahead and describe how the MORMONS have received so much money from the L.A. based B.of A. Banks (CIA) using church members as "mules" also on orders of BUSH and certain Senators. Its a sewer friends and like it or not it is our sewer. WE don't need others "suitcases" as we have a big one of our own.
"They" have stalled and guaranteed and guaranteed and stalled the whole world over and over again more times than we can count using every conceivable excuse. They have disregarded, even caused, more suffering by more people than can be measured. They have lied and lied over and over again even to their own Trustees and friends and allies. It's time to start naming names-and amounts-don't you think-D.P. and Senators?? 
The Congress, the Banks and Wall Street, the Fed Res (privately owned banking cartel), successive administrations and the CORPORATION act in concert to protect themselves, their secrets, their empire and to pursue one financial scam after another from the Brady Bonds (Cantor Fitzgerald-911) to Counterfeit Gold Certificates (VKD, GAIA), from the securitization and international marketing of worthless mortgages and other financial exotica to the bailout of their corrupt financial institutions at taxpayers expense to the outright theft of our funds over and over again over the years.
Only the announcement of a return to the CONSTITUTION has the power to stop this corruption.
There was once a Supreme Court Case resulting in a "majority opinion" which stated (paraphrasing) " any law passed in violation of the Constitution is no law at all as if it was never passed". This means that decades of unconstitutional law making by the legislature will be wiped away as if it never happened. We must have the announcements. Nothing less will do.
WE hear two of the five big Trustees in Europe were fired then the replacements were replaced. They are not answering the phones in Brussels, not for anyone. We hope this is a good sign. Actually WE expect deliveries literally at any moment-no fooling. 
Please remember to support bringers of truth such as and and similar websites after funding. Many are devoting their lives to helping the people understand what is going on in our country. Surely we can support them financially can't we? Perhaps we should "get together" and purchase a major television network? Talk about a "reality" show.........
Several days ago WE were informed OBAMA was trying to steal our money and informed you of this in a previous update. After typing all the above and winding this up the phone rings. WE are informed by impeccable sources that OBAMA informed his closest allies and advisors LAST NIGHT the people will not be allowed to have this money, that he and the Government need it worse than we do and that he will see to it that those who "deserve it" receive the money. Immediately after the phone rings again, this time sources in Europe are hearing all five Trustees over there have been fired including D.P..
Is this stuff true? It is true that it happened, whether OBAMA can actually do this or whether he is just running his mouth is not known at this moment. Remember, he is completely surrounded by the CLINTONS and their people who have fought our funding for years. The F&P funds are in Treasury and on Debit Cards. Now Treasury is being handed over to Geithner, second only to Bernake in the FED RES SYSTEM. It appears obvious OBAMA is being blackmailed by the CLINTONS with we know not what.
ALL sources were expecting deliveries today. Higher ups, in place around the world since Monday of last week were told Wednesday for them after we go today. IMF sources had been told Wed also. Our Intel is cross checked a dozen different ways and ALL sources agreed-accounts liquid, releases given, this is it.      Now this.
Every one of us must shake off our complacency and get to work finding out whether OBAMA and his CLINTON masters are going to be able to take over from BUSH and continue the blockage. No wonder the phones go unanswered over there even for extremely high level folks around the world. The world is spitting mad over these delays. The bribery and corruption is staggering. The bribes of SENATORS referenced above is 251 million dollars per Senator paid on encrypted debit cards Monday week ago not accessible until we receive. The Banks involved with their money and the "Countries" money are CITI and B.of A.... Anyone who thought OBAMA was Mr goodie two shoes better wake up. He was born in KENYA just as three of his family members say he was and the United States Supreme Court is participating in a fraud and the final destruction of the Constitution. WAKE UP AMERICA.
Of course we will be working to obtain additional Intel and will report when possible. WE could use some help. If you are able to FACTUALLY confirm or deny the above please send to fourwinds.
               casper  12-16-08