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CASPER UPDATE: Dec. 12, 2008

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Are you aware that 30,000 scientists, including 9,000 PhD’s, have now stepped forward to say that Al Gore and MAN MADE global warming is a total FRAUD? Told you so. (can't resist)


Have you heard? Another Clinton retread as "Energy Czar" (Carol Browner).

Some more "change you can believe in"?

Ever wonder what the Clintons are using to blackmail OBAMA?


Are you aware it was Rahm Emanuel and OBAMA who structured Blagojevich's first gubernatorial campaign? Welcome to OBAMA nation where AYERS (Weather Underground Terrorist), Rev. Wright (father figure-G.D. America), Tony Rezko (2 bit crook, OBAMA partner and fund raiser) and the rest of the CHICAGO cess pool of political and judicial corruption (see Herman Skolnick files) have kindly loaned America their main man.

Now mix in the CLINTON takeover of the OBAMA Administration and I confidently predict, "You ain't seen nothing yet".


The latest?

WE hear he and his people are demanding "their share" of our funding. And you know what? They may as well pay them as we hear the entire criminal class in D.C. is "getting theirs". This is not a joke. This is not sour grapes.

WE hear from multiple sources he and his people are demanding "their share" with statements to the effect the government can spend this money better than the people. Do you see the CLINTON influence here?


One day soon I will be suddenly be gone as I thought I was with the last update. If I could leave you with only one "casperism" it would be to implore you to remember this; "the words LIBERAL and LIAR are almost always interchangeable".


As his first official act as President watch for OBAMA to fire Fitzgerald to stop the investigations.


The “Convention of Clowns”    known as the Congress refuses to demand that Paulsen and the Banks loan the TARP money as originally sold to Congress and America thereby causing automakers and others to appeal for bailouts. By forcing the lenders to lend the problems would be solved and the bailouts unnecessary. But no, taxpayer funds are busy beautifying the banks balance sheets leaving the economy to crash while they shop for Christmas presents using taxpayer funds.

Banks, like Wall Street, are criminal enterprises facilitated by politicians who were paid huge sums to pass laws advantageous to banks (bankruptcy act, etc.) and to eliminate other laws which were in place to stop a repeat of the over whelming corruption from years gone by (Glass-Stegall). If I could be dictator for a day all of them would be in jail by nightfall. What do suppose these criminals are doing with the TRILLIONS in fees, bonuses and commissions they pulled down while sending the country and the world into another great depression? Every dime should be confiscated including their multiple mansions and used to rebuild the economy while they all write their memoirs from their prison cells. They have destroyed trillions in wealth, destroyed pension funds, cost the country millions of jobs and they were paid for services rendered. Do you understand that? They were paid to do what they have done and they now pretend they care about autoworkers. All they care about is not being found out by a rather ignorant citizenry.


The big five in Europe have continued to stall while thinking the big Trust would close again on Dec. 15th causing a delay till April little realizing the World Court ruled a year ago it would not close again before we are funded. STORY must be right; they must be working for BUSH SENIOR. We hear they have been FORCED to sign off and we are back on "GO" literally at any time. WE don't report 90% of what goes on as it is just too tedious and yesterday’s problems become history quickly. If we tried to keep you abreast of each twist and turn we would be typing full time. We are at this time "ON GO" and that’s all that matters.


FED RES to issue debt instruments of their own in competition with Treasury? Can you believe the chutzpah? They take the worthless toxic "assets" off the banks books and now propose to sell debt backed by same. And you know what? This world will probably pass this new test of world insanity by buying the debt.


Dodd, Frank and company should be on the Capital steps "in blocks" (head and hands protruding) such is their level of responsibility in the unfolding crisis. RESIGN says Wall Streets concubine to the Chairman of General Motors. He should resign himself and Frank should concentrate on his homosexual whorehouse run from his D.C. apartment. No problem says the people of Massachusetts or Vermont or San Francisco. Join us for our annual parade through the streets in our underwear.


Forgive me friends, the more I learn about the depth of corruption up there the madder I get. Wall Street, The City, Wash. D.C., the Illuminati have conspired to destroy the world as we know it with OBAMA and GORDON BROWN riding to the rescue waving Karl Marx's communist NWO manifesto in both hands.


As WE have said so many times it all comes down to the content of the announcements.

Bank changes and debt forgiveness are important but not as important as the Constitution and the arrest of the criminals.


If they intend to arrest them Why Would They Be Paying Them Off ??????????


Well enough of this.

I'm going to make myself a stiff drink and go kick the cat.   dog.  Garbage can.