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Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2008 12:30 AM
Subject: Re: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

I see the term "farm claims(agricultural claims)", and NESARA all mentioned in the same breath, and wonder how much readers really know about any of these terms.  My knowledge of NESARA is relatively limited, but I do have some knowledge of the 'farm claims"  which I will relate here. 

      In the late 70's an elderly man in Colorado by the name of Roy Swassinger Sr. bought a ranch with a loan from The Federal Land Bank and proceeded to ranch this property until passing away a short time later.  His son, Roy Swassinger Jr. a retired military general,  took over the ranch and proceeded to run it, until one day a Federal Land Bank officer and a Federal Marshall appeared on his property and told him he would have to vacate in 30 days as  the loan agreement with his father stipulated that upon the borrower's death, the property would revert back to The Federal Land Bank. 

    Being very upset over this, Roy Swassinger started a class action suit with 23 other ranchers, farmers and Indians who had been swindled in like manner.  This suit proceeded to the Denver Federal Court where the Swassinger party filed an involuntary bankruptcy against The Federal Land Bank.  The Bank filed for protection, but the courts refused to honor this because it was found out that The Bank was essentially a non-entity, as it was not registered to do business in Colorado, nor any other state in the union. 

    The Denver court system then ruled that all properties of all entities in question would be given back to the original owners  by The Federal Marshalls.  The feds refused to act as it was a conflict of interest for them at which time the task was given to the National Guards of the affected  states.  This task having been completed in 1978, the class action suit continued on to the Supreme Court where the case was in deliberation from 1978 to 1993 when the final decisions were made  by the supreme Court. 

    During this time of deliberation and suits, it was found out that the master holder of The Federal Land Bank, Land Bank Association and other quasi orginizations such as PCA FHA, etc., ie. The Federal Reserve Bank, was not even registered to do business with the National Banking Associations and was declared a non-entity also.  It was determined that all monies, properties, gold, silver, property titles, and other forms of equity that had been illegally taken out of this country by the Federal Reserve and the IRS would be returned to the U.S. forthewith. 

    The retired Delta Force was given this task by the Supreme court, which they carried out in 1993 and 1994. Trillions were brought back and placed in 5 repositories throughout the U.S. These properties were to be given back to the American people as they had been taken from the people illegally since 1913.  The Swassinger party  plead that this would be announced to the American People in national newspapers and on  television, but the courts refused to do this as it would cause mass hysteria, and possible ecenomic problems. 

    They did agree to let it be announced in small unsyndicated newspapers and by word of mouth.  The Delta force were also given the task to set up claims writers in each of the states to enlist those who desired a part in the claims.  This was done in 1993 and some 320,00 Americans signed up for this, the average claim being some $20,000,000. 

    It was also decreed that the Federal Reserve and the IRS would be dismissed as their services were no longer needed.  I believe that this is the basis for the Nesara announcements when the country will go back to constitutional law, and the people will be paid their just dues.  I have had personal witness that this will happen so their is no doubt in my mind, it is only a matter of time now and this will be done.