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CASPER UPDATE: Dec. 5, 2008

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Posted on RMN today is an article entitled Alternate Views on Obama's Birth Certificate written by a Chicago Sun Times reporter in response to the full page ads in Chicago this week by the "We The People Foundation" ( The last paragraph of this article says it all and is the reason why we must have the expected announcements immediately.
In his recent "brief" update STORY attempts to explain why a supposedly good man (OBAMA) would surround himself with the CLINTON REFUSE and the criminal in chief herself. That's like trying to explain why the Queen knighted GREENSPAN, an impossible assignment. For the sake of the nation we should hope and pray OBAMA is up to the task at hand but in my humble opinion "good men" do not intentionally surround themselves with bad people, i.e. "ILLUMINATI FOREVER" people, i.e. CLINTON, GEITHNER, HOLDER, EMMANUEL, ETC.....
WE can not verify the vast and extremely important STORY Intel. He throws a wide net over many subjects while we run about with a flashlight and a magnifying glass looking for deliveries and announcements. Referring to SARKOZY as a rat is obviously a mental lapse and a wee hours accident. Referring to OBAMA as "constitutionally elected" however shows a lack of knowledge of whats going on here in the U.S.. STORY was offered this knowledge long ago (by others not me) and turned it down more than once. His plate is/was obviously full which explains his lack of knowledge of the CORPORATION vs the REPUBLIC and misuse of the word "constitutionally". As for his opinion that "SEALS eat MARINES for breakfast" it depends on the marine. Several of those once tried to have my son the marine for breakfast. They didn't eat anything at all for a long time after that.
STORY does write for a large and important INTERNATIONAL audience and you know he values his reputation as we do ours, so it is very likely the majority of what he reports is truth as he understands it. We all have opinions and we all make mistakes, especially those of us who attempt to engage in "real time" reporting.
If terrorism is being financed through an account at Morgan Stanley and investigations have been underway for more than a year as STORY reports, what could be more important than that? This is earth shaking news. STORY says this Intel comes from "within the investigation". If true this is PULITZER material. If not I wouldn't want to be in his shoes.
When STORY addresses "our business" we can clearly see errors in his reporting. Comments such as NESARA not relevant is an example. Another is his mention of the Trustees being paid the week of Nov 22nd which is not true. It would not be Kosher for us to explain why we can confidently contest such statements so lets just say we know what we know. Because his comments about our business are often wrong we can't help but wonder about his reporting on subjects we know nothing about. WE truly do hope he is accurate. Much of his news is ground breaking and original such as BLAIR rolling over and various disclosures in his current report. Because he deals with many major subjects simultaneously he likely does not have the time necessary to deal with "our business" as thoroughly as do we (not that we are always accurate either).
Schedules are constantly changing even day by day. We report a schedule, it changes. The whole world is spitting mad at the big five Trustees in Europe who have been lying through their teeth daily even trying to get paid in front of us. No Dice. They too have bosses who, we hear, have cracked the whip (pun intended). They, as a group, have lost all respect worldwide which we hear about every day. WE expect deliveries literally at any moment.
We hear Paulson is in Beijing today, wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.
DODD makes me want to puke. Watching this little whore for the banks grill the big three auto makers is one sorry spectacle. He is not even a "call girl", he is a "street walker". And Frank? I had better bite my tongue which is bleeding already.
And back to OBAMA, sure we hear "he wants the Constitution", he "wants the funding done", he is "shocked" to learn about the corruption. Oh lordy I do so want to be wrong about him but I doubt it. Leopards seldom change their spots and neither do pinko liberals, especially those who surround themselves with Illuminati puppets. We shall see and soon.
Don't despair friends, all is well and extremely close.
              casper   12-5-08