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CASPER UPDATE: Dec. 1, 2008

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Are you calling the D.C. numbers every day?? When its time to eat, or pee or vote you manage yourself don't you? In your heart you know how important this is. Please do your part and try to motivate others to do theirs. Unless this is a steady effort by a large number of people it will have no effect. Every day the papers give us another example of people just not caring anymore. If we don't care now how will we explain the future to our kids? We do care don't we?
Unless the Supreme Court does its job Dec. 5th regarding OBAMA's birth in KENYA we will have a third CLINTON administration. Worded another way, we will have a 5th BUSH administration as the whole mess of them are two bit con-artist and there now seems little doubt OBAMA sold out to them and to the continuation of the corruption and the status quo. Hillary gets immunity, OBAMA blocks investigations and continues Washington's employment by Wall Street. The D.C./Wall Street nexus, the money interest, the Illuminati have almost destroyed our country and the LAW (Constitution) and will continue the rip-off of the people for their personal gain and world control. It would have turned out the same way had McCain been elected. No "outsiders" are allowed in (PAUL). It's the continuation of the ILLUMINATI, CFR, CARLYLE, NWO as expected, AS EXPECTED, and the announcements, arrest, exposure, take down of FED RES, IRS, and their debt as money empire is the only hope for our Country and for our Freedom.
The most recent excuse for delay, i.e. "working on the Gold Certificates" was last used as an excuse for several days of delay on April 8th of this year and before that on Dec. 4th of last year. The other recent "storyline" that the G-20 reps have remained in D.C. awaiting our delivery so they can access theirs is bogus also as they were paid on the computers three months ago as we argued at the time when STORY was saying they had been paid. Only on the computers friends, only on the computers. As for the BLACKOUT, ongoing since Wednesday of last week, this is, by our reckoning, the six hundred and seventy fifth such blackout (exaggerating-but you get the point). "Blackouts" often occur when "our side" does not want it known they can't protect the money. As often as not it is not actually our money, it may be the countries money or any one of dozens of accounts the bad guys manage to access or move about causing further delay. Any such happening delays everything until it is recaptured and repositioned.
WE believe the ILLUMINATI group, led by U.S. Politicians and Bankers are continuing their death grip on the world and the entire funding process. Signed documents mean nothing to them they just have others around the world do their dirty tricks and dirty work in their desperate attempt to not lose control and to avoid exposure. Its Clinton 3 or BUSH 5, OBAMA owned outright by ILLUMINATI as expected.
Their house of cards is on fire and they have set the world aflame as well. Goldman is at $67. today vs Buffetts warrants at $115.. I continue to mention this as it shows the insiders are not as smart or as capable or as infallible as generally thought. Ron Paul says "they" are preparing a new FIAT monetary system and World Central Bank to replace the Fed Res System. If true this is analogous to world government (Communism) and explains the worldwide push to have OBAMA head the U.S. at this time. As weeks turn into months we must ask, where are the deliveries and announcements. We mentioned meetings and "deals" being made. We have no specific news about this but daily events support a conclusion that the deals made were with OBAMA, CLINTON and the ILLUMINATI. Each week, every week we and others are "fed" the excuse du jour, meanwhile the world keeps on moving in the direction of a continuation of the status quo. The announcement from Beijing weeks ago aligning Asia with Sarkozy and the European Union seemed, at that time, to be the definitive blow to the domestic CABAL but it now appears to this reporter that decisions were made by the CABAL (Illuminati) to continue the fight to the death and that they would "double down" again and again by putting at risk all U.S. Citizens (via tax liability for bailouts, inflation, etc.) in a desperate attempt to save a bankrupt system and to remain in power and to control the world via reserve currency manipulation-"it's our dollar but its your problem".
Just as their defense of the status quo has not changed (except the OBAMA "face" change) neither has the solution changed, deliveries and announcements and exposure and arrest. Although there have been arrest of bankers along the way and a few "ankle bracelets" here and there the massive arrest were always to happen and/or to be announced after deliveries and the Constitution/Banking announcements were completed. It is as if we have one foot in one world, the other in another world. The first is the world of television and all things visible. The other is the world in which we have lived, searched, researched and reported for well over a decade. Now WE may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but even blind hogs find acorns once in awhile. We know what we know and the invisible world is just as real as the T.V. world. Whether the never ending delays are attributable to ongoing fights between nations and similar items to high up for us to see, or whether we are dealing with the usual but extremely frustrating "normal" delays is a different question for which we have no knowledgeable answer. We can not explain the Bernake/Paulson speeches which portend status quo even while we expect immediate deliveries. This situation is bizarre. We expect announcements as well as deliveries so there must be some way of achieving our expected outcome while leaving the public with a cloudy explanation of what is happening. OR, Bernake and Paulson are lying by omission as it is unreasonable to think they don't know. 
Current news says early this week on a day beginning with a t....
Already this year three T in credit lines have disappeared in the U.S. and today the credit card companies say 5 T in outstanding credit lines will be reduced to 3 T. In addition to millions of jobs up in smoke now comes the turning of the screws on the only source of funds left to consumers, their credit cards. Can you not see that the crushing of the American people is intentional, that the ONLY thing that matters to them is preservation of their financial entities which raped the world, continues to receive all manner of bailouts and pay themselves more and more bonuses?
They are criminals and they should be in jail yet not a single one of them has lost so much as an SUV while they continue to feather each others nest while the people suffer more and more.
We and the world are in meltdown. As BUSH said "the people will now suffer greatly". Only our funding has the potential to reverse things and even that is an unknown as it has never happened before. The only way to restore confidence is to take control away from the CRIMINALS/BANKS/CORPORATION/ILLUMINATI/CORRUPT POLITICIANS and for that to happen we must have the announcements, exposures, arrest, etc.. This outcome is necessary and is still expected in spite of the delays.
Hold onto your faith friends.
                 casper   12-1-08