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CASPER UPDATE: Nov. 26, 2008

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It's time for Thanksgiving. Time to be grateful for all we are and all we have in spite of the problems. Have you re-read this year the true story of Thanksgiving? It's the story of the initial defeat of "collectivism" in our country and how a successful harvest and a successful system of governance based on freedom was accomplished by the colonist. It is posted on and seems especially important this year as capitalism and the original values of our nation are under fire from every direction.
The news is TODAY as it has been most every day recently. More funds were "moved" by the bad guys late last week requiring the usual recapture and supposedly resulting in the identification and removal of remaining moles in two different international institutions who were playing fast and loose with the codes allowing the bad guys to do what they were doing. It's supposedly fixed now, people traveled, buttons pushed, etc. etc., OR-- we and everyone else are being lied to. WE believe in the former.
Are you making the calls to D.C.? The ball is in your hands. The numbers are posted on Fourwinds. Organize yourselves for moral support, especially you MLMers who can make this happen all by yourselves.  No one is suggesting you storm the airports as they just did in Thailand.  Citizens of other countries won't tolerate corrupt government. Will we?  
Its amazing isn't it? Awakening each day to the "BAILOUT DU JOUR" offered up by tweedledee and tweedledum (Paulson & Bernake). The "me too" line grows daily with Hollywood (can you believe it) being the latest to holler for taxpayer funding for film production. TwD & TwDum continue to insist on financial institution and bank bailouts which amount to bailing out mostly foreign debt holders with virtually no help for American families which in turn means the destruction of the middle class in the U.S..
They have taken to calling this bunch of criminals and their banks a " public utility" in order to justify their despicable and treasonous conduct. They are not a public utility. They are scam artist who destroyed their own institutions in pursuit of personal gain and are now robbing the American People to cover the debt holders who are demanding their pound of flesh. 7.7T say the funny papers has now been committed in cash, credit and guarantees with more added most every day. It will defeat the deflationary depression (temporarily) as intended but will lead to the collapse of the dollar and hyperinflation. TwD & TwDum cannot repeal the laws of economics.
The U.S. and the world are being flooded with money and credit. As we wrote in early August " financial debt guarantees of every kind and nature are being preferred by the U.S. Government/Fed Res laying all cost of all failures of all financial entities off on the American People. Unlimited credit is being created out of thin air to prop up the existing system/status quo". Since then it has accelerated dramatically in their head long rush toward the abyss. The people don't understand and its not their job to understand. Its the job of their elected representatives who forfeited their responsibilities to the CABAL who raped then crashed the free market in the first place. Our "representatives" were to busy collecting their 178M from Freddie/Fannie and 300M to get rid of Glass Stegall and lord knows what all else. They should be "greeters" at Wall Mart after serving lengthy prison sentences. All roads lead to Congress. They are silly putty in the hands of financial criminals. We now appear to be at a point that even they recognize the people will come with more than tomatoes and phone calls if they try to pass another bill for bankers, so the Fed Res is now funding the du jour bailouts/guarantees bypassing the need for further votes.
Remember, the debt instrument often called the U.S. Dollar is theirs not ours and when it crashes as it surely must it is their script not United States Money. As ever greater flations, reflations, balloons and bubbles (and bust) are necessary to the viability of debt as money fiat currency they now turn to the only conceivable group of victims large enough to "bailout" the previous group of victims (the debt holders) that being the taxpayers. Its beyond criminal. Its genocide. And its likely intentional. It is necessary to destroy the U.S. economically to merge it into the One World Order and the vehicle to do that is massive currency devaluation and destruction of the economy. Subprime mortgages was the excuse, the financial exotica created by Wall Street And The City is the reason. It is Illuminati  generated from start to finish. They are eating their subjects (taxpayers) to save themselves (banks). They need the banks to create ever more funny money (fractional banking). Now they are transferring bad assets into "bad banks" to make it easier to lay them off on the taxpayers. If it is true that 800B AMEROS have been sent to CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANK we are really in trouble. If it is true that BUSH and PELOSI threatened Martial Law to force passage of the Bailout Bill (containing provisions for foreign troops on American soil) then not only are we in trouble but Congress is guilty of Treason. Supposedly the Chinese demanded this provision as a precondition to the continued purchase of American debt. This would of course portend the NAU as one of the Regional Governments/Currency Blocks as written about in innumerable books about the Illuminati Plans for the NWO as far back as the '70's.
It is virtually impossible, actually it is beyond this writers ability, to figure out who is who and what is what anymore. Take Geithner (Obamas Treasury Secretary) for example. On the one hand we hear he is a good guy. How can the head of the most important bank in the Fed Res System be a good guy? Are we missing something here? What are we missing? Is it possible the FED RES is already in the hands of the good guys and all that is happening is being directed by NEW TREASURY? Things are unfolding so fast on so many fronts and most items are recognized only after the fact if then. With major puzzle pieces missing or "played" one at a time we are in quicksand when we offer guess work such as this writing.
OBAMA talks a heck of a game doesn't he? Why won't he produce his birth certificate? What is the Supreme Court going to do about it? Why was his Senior Thesis suppressed? Who/what does he represent? Whats up with this "takeover" months sooner than normal? Bill wants to head the U.N.. Hillary Sec. of State is interface with other nations. Fed Res Exec. takes over Treasury. There is more going on here than meets the eye but I have no trouble smelling it. Don't you?
Are WE being used? I don't think so but if we were how would we know it? Dis-info is hard to deal with. Orchestrated dis-info is extremely difficult. When we are wrong I think its more a  case of us not being smart enough to figure it out rather than us being used as silly putty in some invisible hand.
Are we watching the complete sell-out of America to the financial interest? I don't think so. Aren't they broke? Aren't they stealing our wallets to pay their bills?
I think the better GUESS is that the rest of the world, having bought some 500T's of Paulson's/Wall Streets/The City's counterfeit financial exotica have made deals with the Devils, "you will pay us, you will make good on all this toxic crap no matter what it takes" so they are proceeding with government guarantees/full faith and credit/taxpayer liability to the foreign debt holders and buying time before being forced, eventually, literally, into massive devaluation of the dollar and repudiation of international debt via hyperinflation. Watch Treasury auctions to see if foreign governments are supporting this absurdity or whether its strictly an inside job (Paulsen/Bernake).
So what, you ask, does all this gobbledygook have to do with our deliveries and where the hell are they? 
Well,,,,,,,somehow I think/guess it has something to do with OBAMA. If the Court punts the legal question before it who can then argue there is any law left in America? Certainly no Constitution. Or, in the alternative, we must have deliveries, announcements, law and order, the Constitution, Treasury takeover of Fed (which may have already happened), arrest, exposure, disclosure, the whole nine yards.
Either he is a participant/leader of this outcome or he is in the pocket of the Illuminati as are most of those he has appointed to high office. I pray for the former but fear the latter.
Always remember this, Fannie was the most corrupt of all the corrupt and they paid OBAMA more in three years than any of the others except Dodd and Frank who had been around for decades. That was then, this is now. He is getting "educated" right now, either in ways to oppose this massive International funding or to lead its positive outcomes. Or, he is about to get "flushed" along with the lying thieving  criminals we have been dealing with for years? He is surrounded by those who bankrupted their institutions and now line up for taxpayer bailouts. There is a big scramble underway to become a Bank (Insurance Companies, Amex, etc.) so as to qualify for subsidies or cheap capital. Today they announce businesses (shoe company, restaurant, etc.) can buy a Bank Charter and get in on the action.
                       casper  11-26-08
p.s. Its mid afternoon Wednesday and WE are now receiving word we have been put off until next week, no reason given. It is very difficult to view as "friends" those who continue this torture of so many for so long. Its questionable which "side" is inflicting more pain upon the people. Looks like home to the Hamptons for the Holidays for them, the usual glass of warm poo poo for us. 
I hope they forget to take the giblets out of their turkeys. I hope their ovens break down. Do you hear that YOU TURKEYS?
I am sorry to give you this late breaking news. Even so lets be grateful for all we have especially family.