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CASPER UPDATE: Nov. 21, 2008

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How long ago was it we said CITI is toast?? Three months?? 25B of OUR MONEY thrown down this rat hole (tarp funds) just prior to this crash. A total waste. Money likely given to corrupt executives. Stock price below $5.00 means mutual funds must sell. Paulson is giving hundreds of Billions of our money to his friends who are divvying it up among themselves. Wake up America. Will probably result in a merger or break up as their deposit base makes them "to big to fail". Their stock was $57./share two years ago.
Documents soon to be posted on Fourwinds from "S". These filings have the establishment in an uproar. Will occur over several days. Be sure to print and save and distribute as this is the stuff being suppressed by ABC boys who have jailed his wife for notarizing same. She is still being held. These people are EVIL.
Buffets strike price on his Goldman Warrants (he loaned them 5B) is $115/share, stock now in 60's. Wouldn't you just love to overhear his conservations with Paulson and Goldman right now? Meanwhile his Berkshire Hathaway stock down $70,000./share this year (50%).
Once again a Democrat, Supreme Court Justice David Souter rejects a challenge to OBAMA's citizenship. Resubmitted to Republican Clarence Thomas, now scheduled for "conference" in the court Dec. 5th....Do you OBAMA supporters even care that your man may not be Constitutionally qualified to be President? Do you even care that this may demonstrate he has been lying to the American people from day one? Do you even care 600M was spent to get him elected, much of it illegally sent from abroad? Do you care about anything? There is no OBAMA administration, it is CLINTON REDUX which means he has sold out completely. You voted for "change" didn't you? Is this your definition of change?
There appears to be little or no support for the telephone endeavor as demonstrated by the lack of phone numbers coming into Fourwinds. What a terrible shame. This would be an appropriate place for some famous historical quote about what happens to a people to frightened to stand up or to peek out of the window. But why bother?
What a joke Congress is. They want resignations and business plans from the auto industry. Where were these demands to Paulsen and the Banks who got ten times as much tarp funds? Frank, Dodd and Pelosi continue to protect this abominable fraud.
Naked bikers in the public parks? No problem says San Fran city council.  Sodom and Gomorrah (Seattle). Three times a child molester? No problem says Vermont, probation for you. Do we as a people get the Government we deserve? The trends appear irreversible especially at the national level. And yes, i am finally becoming convinced the ignorant, illiterate, gutless American people are going to get exactly what they have earned.
Delivery was/is scheduled today. Another problem overnight may have it delayed again, unsure. Some say problem resolved, some say no.
Funds will not be confiscated. This is a worldwide funding. Your concerns will be covered in the package. Risk dealt with BEFORE you receive.
WE have additional confirmations our response to the Whistleblower response to casper is accurate as written.
                casper   11-21-08