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CASPER UPDATE: Nov. 19, 2008

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The net is full of opinions including today's response to Casper by Whistleblower who is obviously a very nice well intentioned individual with whom I have never spoken.
OUR Intel does not agree with his. WE are informed the Germain Trust, which is for humanitarian purposes only, is open now and will not close again (it usually opens at Easter and Christmas only then closes if deliveries do not occur timely). What we are now awaiting is unrelated to this trust.
WE hear more about it than what is included here. ALL of it disagrees with Whistleblowers Intel. He does his best, we do our best. Our Intel originates within the World Court.
WE cannot "guarantee" accuracy in all we say but by now you understand we go to extremes in our efforts to be accurate.
WE hear tomorrow and those behind us are being told Friday.
                    casper   11-19-08