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CASPER UPDATE: Nov. 18, 2008

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Today's news is delivery today just as it has been everyday for at least two weeks.
Bernake to Ron Paul, House Banking Committee today, "No Mr. Paul, in the meetings I have been attending around the world we are not discussing any new monetary system to replace the existing Dollar System and no, there are no discussions about gold other than how much the Central Banks intend to sell".
Congressman La Touche (Ohio) to Paulson, "Why have you and your representative John Dugan (Comptroller of the Currency) refused to accept an application from National City Bank/Cleveland for Tarp funds (taxpayer funds) while allowing PNC Bank to sell 15% of their equity to Treasury then use the money to acquire under duress Nat'l City, a Bank with level one capital in excess of PNC Bank"? Nat'l City is a well capitalized Bank. You are FORCING their takeover by PNC. You are not only picking winners and losers, you are financing the winners and helping them take over Natl City at no cost, a bank which survived the Civil War and the great depression. John Dugan was PNC's Corporate Attorney prior to becoming Comptroller of the Currency. WHY"? Spin and B.S. was Paulsons answer. PNC doubles its size using taxpayer funds and its stock to do so, becomes fifth largest bank in U.S. (deposits).
CORRUPTION on display for the entire world to see. Friends of Paulson survive and grow. Not a friend? Into the toilet with you and your 29,000 employees.  
One hundred large banks (Financial Services Roundtable) and the Consumer Federation of America make application to Treasury to forgive up to 40% of a borrowers credit card debt to help get through this crisis. First time in history banks and consumers on same side. NO says John Dugan, Comptroller of Currency on behalf of Paulson. Not allowed. Why? Probably because the debt has been securitized and sold to foreigners. Still think they work for you?
Where did the 3T created OFTH go? Won't tell says Bernake. Fox News and Bloomberg suing Fed Res under Freedom of Information Act to force disclosure. This is your grandchildren's slavery being discussed here.
Why was "big man" lying last week? Because the bad guys "moved" the money again and "our side" has egg on face and not wanting to admit they can't protect the money. BTW, all money retrieved from the VATICAN leaving them broke and a bit upset. Why have they been lying this week? "They" haven't. They have said nothing all week. Why no deliveries day by day? Unknown.
G-20 given some cards, staying here till we receive to be sure it happens. One more reason delv expected at any moment.
HUBER, please don't discuss our numbers on the net. 78 is a reference to number of programs not countries and is itself incorrect. There were/are 112 IMF programs not counting the big six and this is just domestic stuff not counting projects, etc...
BUSH-from the G-20. "We are not here to change the system". Prime Minister ASO (JAPAN) issues statement, "the U.S. Dollar should remain the worlds reserve currency". Statement from BEIJING, "the U.S. has used the Dollar to plunder the world and the system must be changed". U.S., England, Germany, Japan, Israel, Vatican vs France, China, Russia, Brazil, India, European Union and 160 other countries. Do the countries decide? Or is it the behind the scenes banking powers?
AIG bailout now at 167B (up from original 85B) and counting.
Credit card debt, commercial real estate and credit default swaps ticking time bombs. Tick, tick, tick.
Russian stock markets (2) closed 30 times so far, Ruble and Russia crashing.
Insurance Companies (Hartford, Transamerica, etc.) say gimmie some of that there taxpayer candy, apply to acquire S&L's or Banks to get at it.
BUSH says "I'm a free marketer but must be new rules and transparency". (He is describing Basel II and III). WE hear he walked out of the meetings when didn't get his way with others laughing, cheering and clapping.
BUSH mentions World Depression greater than great depression. Also mentioned elsewhere around the world.
Kissinger says "gotta have Hillary". Obama must be stupid or "on board".
Can use em one time only agra seeds from MONSANTO causing massive number of suicides in INDIA and Latin America (crop failure and can't afford re-buy). Is it any wonder we are so hated?
HENNEGAN says WANTA says "all bad guys getting immunity". WANTA sold out to Satanic Cult known as Illuminati.
After BERNAKE finished meetings in GERMANY last week he went-guess where? ITALY.....guess whats in ITALY.
As Secretary of State Hillary gets Immunity. Who appoints Secretary of State? Whats next, ERIC HOLDER the facilitator of the MARC RICH pardons as Atty. General? Poor OBAMA supporters, they have already been fleeced and don't even know it. They have their "King" so now its back to work at two jobs and blind ignorance. They are not stupid, just uninformed and way to busy to become informed. It's a damn shame really. I for one was rooting for his supporters to be right and me and mine to be wrong. I knew better but I was hoping. One must be blind in both eyes not to see this in your face betrayal.
53,000 layoffs at CITI just announced.
540B just announced for mutual fund bailout. Somebody keep track my calculator is out of zero's.
Bush and Paulson say NO to 25B to bail auto industry but "here you are boys" to three banks @ 25B EACH. This gang of financial criminals continue greasing each others palms while the real world crashes.
PLEASE read the article about Glass Stegall on It explains the ongoing never ending bribery and corruption of congress and how 300M was paid to them to eliminate this last line of defense against what is now happening.  None of this is an "accident". It was bought and paid for, all roads lead to Congress and Wall Street pocketed hundreds of billions along the way and were happy to share the loot scammed from the world with those who eliminated the laws which allowed it to happen. And now? And now they are into round two, the taxpayer bailout of the criminals who pulled the heist in the first place. Welcome to modern day America.
While most of the world speaks daily about a "new financial order" every other word out of Gordon Browns mouth is Global this Global that. He is the number one pimp for One World Order, New World Order Illuminati and the enemy of every countries national sovereignty.
SARKOZY/BUSH in deep freeze at meetings. Sarkozy issues statement U.S. intent to surround Russia with "defensive missile shield" not in anyone's best interest. BUSH livid. 
Hmmm, lets see now, States, Cities, pension funds, Bear Stearns, Banks large and small-foreign and domestic, AIG-(3), credit card companies, mutual funds, auto industry, Freddie/fannie, increase in jobless benefits, new stimulus (600B being discussed), and on and on and on it goes. There will be consequences. Spa treatments for them, the poor house for us.
What now follows is guess work and small talk.
Only after the day passes are we sure deliveries are not today. It is not just "us" who receive daily assurances of deliveries followed by some excuse or another followed by more assurances for "tomorrow". After days turn into weeks we of course know something just ain't right but we don't know what. Others, at higher levels, receive assurances of their own only to be stiffed when we don't receive allowing them to receive.
There is a degree of comfort knowing that big people are receiving the same assurances as little people. For a little while. Then it becomes clear their assurances are no more valuable than our own and we learn there are only liars and those being lied to. They don't understand it any more than we do. There is always identifiable "progress" but it does not result in deliveries. It is preparation so that when they occur dominoes are ready to fall without interruption. And it progress's every day in a variety of locations. "Leaks" result in people getting fired. Big people. The secrecy is intense. WE have lots of "secret" info not appropriate to this venue or the net. It's all very positive and spells delv at any moment. WE have enough of this info to believe, truly believe, that delv's may arrive at any moment. WE are just as frustrated and flabbergasted as you are but our proximity to  dependable information allows us to understand these delays better than you perhaps and to know that the desired outcome is imminent. So please take comfort in our confidence even if yours is waning.  
Naturally we are concerned with such things as the Bernake comments to Paul televised worldwide on C-Span. WE cannot explain but we can guess that neither he or the Fed Res are part of the NEW. Besides, we know "they" are all bald faced liars anyway. Perhaps parallel systems will operate side by side for a while as we heard so many years ago. Perhaps the NEW is Global and controlled from abroad. Our side is not going to allow us to be exposed to HLS and the P.Act, to BUSH and PAULSON and CHERTOFF, so whatever is going on we will be safe we think. With trillions in tax receipts available to them upon funding it is obvious the best interest of the country means nothing to them, only staying in power and avoiding announcements, exposure and arrest. WE have heard little to nothing about arrest, etc. for the past two weeks except the occasional statement "they are not going to be allowed to get away with it". We know about meetings and we hear about "deals" but get no details.
The MELTDOWN continues. It is serious beyond words. There is no other "source of funds" sufficient to "save the world". The BUSH/PAULSON/FED RES/CONGRESSIONAL bailout endeavor, currently at several trillion plus more mentioned every day is a Band-Aid. "THEY" may be attempting to kill time to get closer to "presidential pardon time". They are obviously saying "to hell with tomorrow, to hell with six months from now, print money, push those computer buttons". Let the crash, the greater greatest depression, the hyperinflation, come on "their" watch. The issue is not what are they doing and "they" now includes OBAMA. The issue is what in the world are our guys doing? WE don't know. Decisions are now occurring above our sources sources pay grade. Besides, they are pros, we are amateurs.
In spite of this WE believe deliveries will occur at any moment.
Follow the instructions and keep your head down.
                 casper   11-18-08