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POOF Report - November 16, 2008

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Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2008 8:19 PM

Subject: Fwd: Welcome to My World!

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Subject: Welcome to My World!

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 18:10:37 -0500

Jim Reeves

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Greetings and Salutations;

 Should've been over, but it wasn't. They are in my woods now and there's no  return. This is the stuff I began talking about in 99. The new global  banking system. Everything you folks are picking up in the media, internet  news, what have you, was settled and signed off on years ago. They are  acting like these 'proposals' came out of the air so there needs to be

debate and agreements. In nov of 03, when brussels called a 'come to jesus'  meeting, all the movers and shakers, bankers, countries, imf, world bank,  the bis, name 'em and claim 'em, ironed out and signed off, clapping each  other on the back, how wonderful the world would be, with what they decided  upon. Even the order of program deliveries was agreed upon. This is why, my  comments about, them having all these meetings, seemed so useless to me. You already Have the schematics, what's with gum flapping?

 Here's what the flapping of the gums has been about. The 3 countries named  before, the us, uk, and germany, have been the problem children. When the  day arrived to kick all this stuff in, they specifically weren't not going  to be running the whole thing but rather be operating under the multi-polar  new system, which means they have to cooperate with the whole world,

recognizing that All countries have a say in how things operate. The death  of the fed system, no more hegemony of the dollar. You want globalism, well  you got it fellas, tho it didn't quite work out the way you wanted. What  happens to our 'top position' in the world, you should be asking old man  bush and his son that question, they are the one's who dropped this country  in the biggest debt hole in history and challenged the rothschilds in the  banking world, thinking the chinese would back them up. Never for a moment  thinking that the rothschilds also were beholding to the dragon clan for  their position in the world. The difference being, when the dragon told them  to kill the fed, the rothschilds got busy immediately, they've survived  because they know how the wind blows and always dance to the right tune. I  know some of you saw David Rothschild make a comment about a new world order  of banking, well duh, there is. The problem is, you get stuck on the words,  new world order, and fail to remember, I told you those elitists were going  thru their own reorganization, who was going to be on what side, when the  time came. The bilderburgs went their own split of the factions...neo-cons  were not a part of the other version of the new world order. The people you  don't ever see in your news said they weren't interested in controlling the  population, sticking chips in people, watching their movements, or taking  your child under some crazy recruitment crap. So, when the Baron spoke of a  new world order of banking, it felt to me, like he was slapping old man bush  across his face, letting him know, 'you ain't running this'. If you only  knew How much the rothschilds' detest the bushs', his statement would make  more sense. It was more like, 'nanny nanny poo poo, gotcha!'

 The imf will not be the new central bank, but will merge with the world  bank and will be a a part of this new global banking system, as a truly  international organization. This info comes from their 'internals', as they  were a part of creating the new system, as their attorney's were sent across  the planet years ago, getting countries to sign onto the new system. These countries were Not coereced,  they all took there time to decide if it was  good thing for them...surprise surprise. You have to understand the 2 faces  they show in the world, they are survivers and understand 'adapting' to  world who has the power. They are kind of like a  girlfriend or boyfriend, who'll go with the person with the shiniest car and  leave you sitting there with your roses in hand. This was too big to be on  the wrong side of. Those countries have all handed in their paperwork and  joined, about 4 years ago. I'm about to step on some toes out here but here  goes, those countries in the g20, already signed on for that new system,  they also want their money due them from the imf humanitarian programs, the  trillions to be released on our heels. They weren't over here to make kissy  face. Of course there's going to be a revaluation of currencies, even a  price on gold has been established, but it's not going to be based on the  dollar. There's the rub the 3 problem child countries are having in trying  to keep the crap kicking. We're not down for chipping, people, hello, not  going to do it, wouldn't be prudent. Oh yea, all you neo nazi, skin head,  nut balls, hanging out in western wash st and idaho, armed to the teeth, got  problems trying to get your little race war happening in america. Even the  klan is smart enough to understand when the winds have shifted direction.  Did you know the klan has black membership? Ya just never know, until ya do.  Oh yea, and no one is recreating the wheel here, so don't be looking for a  new bretton woods agreement.

 Banks on, banks off, on basel 2 compliancy has been solved. Yea, I know  we're getting kicked in the teeth while they pull their heads out of the  'proverbials' but, as I said before, I'm not on the board, no one listens to  me, it has to be their idea before the obvious is 'figured out'. The whole  world is seized up, money, credit, trade, and the only hope is the release  of this program and the imf humanitarian programs. The 3 problem children  wanted to be in charge and the whole flippin' rest of the world said NO and  are ready to turn their backs and walk away. Anybody got a good idea for  making this country viable without help from the world, bush broke it and  isn't sticking around to fix it because daddy couldn't fix another problem  in business he created. BTW, because americans don't seem to understand  anything beyond the shores or across the border, for that matter, see how  you can operate without some sort of help coming from the other shores.  You're at least 60t in debt, you have no gold to speak of, and no one is  willing to loan the us anymore money, what do you do? This is way past what  political party you're a part of, money doesn't care about that sort of  thing.

 Since they 'figured it out' and survival is more important that a few  countries who believe they should be running everything, as broke as they  are, deliveries will be in your hands faster than you might imagine. Think,  china, russia, brazil, and india, are power houses in this new world, do you  really believe they will stand down when the former power houses are broke  and need their money to make it? Sorry america we have some adjustments to  make and the opinion in Tx, is like all other opinions and fly crap. The us  is looking at 3rd world position due to the man who said he'd return  'pureness' to the white house. Dude, being a filanderer is not the same as  screwing the entire country...but you don't see it, folks just don't  understand your great vision. Hell, I was talking about your daddy's vision  as soon as reagan came into office and caught him telling a fat lie to cover  up for your sorry butts..oh ollie north, what a great american patriot. When  all this stuff is brought out for your edification, and it will, remember  poofy told you first. As they say, truth is always the first casualty....  Dragons are not the bad guys. If you want to get the bottom line on the  dragon clan, you better first understand the reptilians, who they have  chased down after they kicked their sorry behinds out of drago thru orion,  all the way to the edge of the milkyway. Sit down and talk to th 13 ruling  banking families and you might arrive at the truth. The sirians nor the  pleaidians, are walking on water around here. Don't ask me what those last  few lines were about, if it doesn't make any sense to you, the folks that's  aimed at know what I'm taking about. Been there and done that.

 Contact me if you need me, meaning consultations remain available, but  don't ask me questions that requires your own common sense to use. Nothing  about accessing nor asset protection has changed, and until mr obama wipes  out the unconstitutional exec orders, nothing over here has changed about  access, either. Three to five years folks, it will take three to five to  clear this mess and those are hard physical facts. Be of good cheer, your  freedom is here, now the new work begins, it's just that instead of the 4  letter word 'work', it'll be a 3 letter word, 'joy' you'll be involved in.  Donations needed and accepted at account

Love and Kisses,