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CASPER UPDATE: Nov. 13, 2008

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There is no question that "WE" and others are being lied to day in and day out. Or that the lies come "from the top" who are supposedly "on our side". Specifically, the "big man" from Brussels who has been operating out of Treasury for well over a week has been lying to everyone daily. Lying to us or to you is likely no big deal in his mind but he has also continued lying to people around the world who do matter and who have taken great offense at this mans never ending deceit. WE hear he is not alone at Treasury, that there are others from around the world with him there.
What is his motivation? WE don't know but there is so much going on in so many places simultaneously that it could simply be that day to day delays are necessary for reasons related to the larger picture, reasons we are not privy to.
Given these circumstances we look to peripheral data which says deliveries can occur literally at any moment and that is what we expect. What is peripheral data? Data gathered from all over the world daily by casper and associates from people involved in many disciplines related to deliveries. WE have no doubts whatsoever that deliveries are imminent.
The amounts retrieved from D.Bk/Vatican referenced in a previous report were dozens of times greater than reported. This no doubt accounts for some of the delay(auditing) nevertheless releases were again given last Friday early afternoon leading to delv. Sat., then Sunday, then Monday and so on with daily excuses we knew to be false. There have been "deals", other attempted deals which failed and interrelated scheduling arrangements having to do with agreements, announcements and sequencing of events.
The world meltdown continues and is accelerating. The G-20 meetings in D.C. beginning Saturday were preceded by G-20 finance ministers in Brazil this past weekend and in Beijing the weekend before, and Paris before that. Everything is tied together. WE speculate things will occur as previously reported; new global banking system, new monetary system, debt forgiveness, a move into Basel III not II, even new currencies, announcements, etc.. The CORPORATE EMPLOYEES (politicians) continue fighting for the status quo, their jobs, their lives and no exposure. WE think they have lost already but there are meetings and deals and we are not present as we have been in the past.
The "big man" has been lying repeatedly to very important people since last Friday. WE do not know his motivation.
If you are hearing about Wanta "getting paid" that's more "computer work" the same as more payments "to the countries Monday" and to Q and to CHINA. WE continue to hear "no one has access until we receive". The really really big boys who went to and have now returned from SPAIN were also "paid" on the computer only.
More money for AIG, Freddie/Fannie still collapsing and bankrupt, lost 29B/3rd Q, says previous 100B taxpayer funds won't do/needs more,  Governors and mayors, auto industry, now the homebuilders (300B), The gates were opened by Wall Streets Whores in Congress who now act shocked that King Paulsen is not using the money as intended and that he is over turning laws decades old on his own without regard or deference to the pitiful little cowards in Congress, the Constitution or anything else. He and Bernake say they will not disclose the destination of the 2T/3T created out of thin air and Dear old Barney Frank says nobodies business. What a hoot watching Dodd and Frank et al pretending to be shocked. Mainstreet Banks, acting on orders of Paulsen/Bernake regulators, are calling due performing loans from solid never missed a payment borrowers. Congress is silly putty in the hands of criminals.
Two million residential foreclosures are coming through the system. This is a domestically enforced repeat of what "they" did to 3rd world nations, i.e. put huge money into the hands of their leaders who promptly moved it into Swiss bank accounts then "they" (world financial institutions) foreclosed on the nations natural resources. It appears the U.S. is being foreclosed. Never mind the daily "spin", its all about saving their fiat banking system, Wall Street and the status quo. Virtually nothing is being done for the victims of their scams, the homeowners, pensioners, etc.. Retail is crashing, 600,000 jobs lost last ninety days, 1.2M jobs this year, a trillion dollar deficit next year. In my OPINION our best hope is that all we see is for the purpose of buying time as it is hard to imagine so many could be so incompetent and foolish. But time for what? Housing is not about to recover. Financial exotica and hundreds of trillions of derivatives are not about to recover. Our debt, the worlds debt, is not manageable. It will be repudiated one way or another. Hyperinflation would be devastating. Surely the "world" has been doing something in all those meetings?
"S" 's wife is still being held. He sees your communications. WE asked his OK to name names, etc., he says not right now, situation for his wife too difficult. He will tell all of us what he can when he can.
The ORACLES strike price on his GOLDMAN warrants ($115.) is not looking to good is it. Mid seventies last i saw.
Bk. of England dropped interest rates one and one half points last week, unheard of for a single move. Shows level of central bank desperation.
GM says about out of money, need taxpayer bailout. Another black hole with no bottom. Whatever they get will be gone in six months.
The U.S. must borrow 918B over the next 20 weeks to stay afloat. Where? China can't do their 586B bailout plus continue to buy Treasuries.
AMEX becomes a bank with double quick approval. Got to have some of that free money don't you see.
The above mentioned numbers, which don't include the 3T or so created OFTA by the Fed, are minor relative to the funds available for the reflating of the world which comes along with the program funding. After all, 6.8T to Q and 7.2T to China totaling, coincidentally, the 14T mentioned in a STORY report, is just a small part of the bigger picture so lets not fret about any lack of money.
In what must surely be the biggest upset of this election season the people of San Francisco failed to approve the proposed name of a new facility saying it would not be fair to the employees---The George W. Bush Sewer Treatment Facility.
Have you seen a county by county map of the election results? Three fourths, maybe four fifths of the geographical area of the country went red. Even Florida, California, Washington, and Oregon was heavily red. Obama was elected by 95% of African Americans, a large majority of Latinos, young citizens, ACORN and MOVE ON. If you are one of the 57,000,000 who like me said no to OBAMA we can nevertheless observe and feel good for those to whom his election meant so much. I think it finished up 54% to 46%. The stock market fell 480 points the day after the election. The video of his grandmother saying he was born in KENYA is posted on U-TUBE, further proof there is no law left in America. We want a King said the liberals, a Messiah. The German people didn't realize what they were doing when they elected Hitler either. Even the "Celestials" seem confused with "Hatonn" saying both candidates represent evil while Germaine, Ashtar and others sing Hail to the Chief. It seems to me they should be on the same page even if we ignorant humans are not. The NAZI's were the "National Socialist German Workers Party" which became a fascist dictatorship.
Democracies are always followed by dictatorships. We too have a dictator, his name is Paulson. He works for the Illuminati as does BUSH as does OBAMA. Souter, another Democrat, blocked Bergs filings ( Obama Citizenship) at the Supreme Court. Almost always Democrats, i.e. liberals, blocking disclosure, truth, and ramming through Congress the Illuminati agenda being carried by PAULSEN for the Banks and Wall Street. As stated here before, the words liberal and liar are almost always interchangeable.
Palin to the rescue of Conservatives like me? Too late. According to the Mayans and many others there are other plans in the works for 2012.
Citizens of Muslim countries worldwide were dancing in the streets and singing "we are going to the Whitehouse". You friends of OBAMA better get a message to him as BIDEN and RHAMBO are pawns of ISREAL.
What does imminent mean? We think it means tomorrow with weekend announcements.
          casper   11-13-08
p.s. t.v. quoting someone right now, "700B is just the first installment". Would never say I told you so but it sure is tempting.