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CASPER UPDATE: Nov. 2, 2008

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Thank you Colonel. Me too.
I feel about doing this update the way the trooper at Little Big Horn must have felt, "Puleese Mr Custer, I don't want to go".
Our previous speculation about the fix being in for Obama seems more plausible every day. Why else would the most despised man in America, Dick Cheney, supposedly awake now, endorse McCain the Saturday before election day? Is that not the kiss of death for McCain? Why else would the Governor of Hawaii seal his birth records? Why else would a Federal District Judge appointed by Clinton in Philadelphia toss a lawsuit raising this Constitutional question? Why else would OBAMA not gladly say "here it is" and make it all go away? Why else would his grandmother say "I was there when he was born in Kenya"? Why else would the Marxist Michelle's tape recording in Africa continue to be suppressed? Why else would the Corporate owned liberal left wing media be so overwhelmingly OBAMA in election coverage? Why else would the L.A. times not release the tape of his remarks complimenting a terrorist? Why so many obvious things of no matter to any authority anywhere? It appears a deal has been made in which OBAMA will suppress, stop, block, pardon, etc. the BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH crime syndicate for his ONE WORLD ORDER SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST bosses in return for the Presidency. That's the way it appears from the cheap seats. This is speculation----and observation.
The Deustche Bank problems are being recycled for the second consecutive week as the excuse for no deliveries. Stolen funds, including "program" funds, black holes, arrest, Basel compliance, etc. etc.. True or false? WE frankly don't know. The news that PAULSON and GREENSPAN and "the big U.S. Trustee" were arrested and taken to the Hague last week was subsequently verified by many sources yet PAULSON was supposedly back at his desk Thursday. Go figure. Hundreds of additional arrests' here and over there, mostly there, is also coming from many sources including STORY but we can not verify. The secrecy remains intense. Our international calls continue to be blocked especially those to Asia.
The DOMESTIC GOONS, i.e. SCUMBAGS, i.e. TRAITORS working for the Intel apparatus, hiding behind badges and guns continue to detain, arrest and hold without cause innocents including women. These are the same despicable animals who murdered Randy Weavers wife as she stood in a doorway holding her baby, who tortured for more than a week then burned to death the women and children bible students at Waco, who didn't show up for work the day the Oklahoma Federal Building went down. Make no mistake friends, the jack booted utterly corrupt Gestapo is alive and well and continues to inflict torture upon innocents now using the "authority" of HLS and the Patriot Act. Cries for help at the World Court and Interpol so far falling on deaf ears it appears. To busy counting their money perhaps?
The newest non-sense (opinion) says we will go ahead with the elections then announce the Constitution and void everything prior to the Electoral College Dec. 15th. Can't you just imagine that? SANTA CLAUS is elected then the kids are told he ain't coming with the presents after all. CIVIL WAR me thinks. Martial Law?
Our side, if there be such a thing, is primarily responsible for the disinformation flowing like a river daily. They are so out of excuses for non-delivery they are regurgitating previous excuses. The rollover of BLAIR appears genuine, recapture of loot stolen from D. Bk. is supposedly occurring and it may be true this is the current hold-up even though those funds have nothing to do with the first delivery (gift cards) or the F&P funds awaiting our arrival at the banks which was/is scheduled for this week after we received Tues., then Wed., then Thurs., then Friday, then Sat., in a carbon copy repeat of last week. There is something else afoot and WE don't know what it is.
The Emergency Filings in the Supreme Court by WE THE PEOPLE, , the only link ever offered in a Casper report, were denied by the Democrat Ruth Bader Ginsburg then resubmitted to the Republican Scalia who has agreed to submit them to the full court. Over and over again WE observe this surprising phenomena that it is the Democrats blocking exposure and truth at every turn while the Republicans, who one would assume to be controlled by BUSH, does the opposite. Now that the gates have been opened via the unconstitutional bailout bill all segments are lining up demanding their share most recently the Governors (300B) and the mayors (90B). This is happening BEFORE Santa takes over so historically speaking OBAMA is not the cause. The gift of taxpayer subsidies to the same Wall Street Criminals and Banks which caused the crisis is a BUSH/PAULSON/GOLDMAN SACHS/BERNAKE/U.S. CONGRESS boondoggle and rape of the Constitution. OBAMA'S job will be to "finish it", i.e. the death of the Republic and Capitalism. BUSH was already in over his head as yell leader at Yale so it was likely "easy pickings" for GOLDMAN, CARLYSLE, WALL STREET, etc..
The banks appear not to be lending and Wall Street executives said this week they will not give up their comp. packages or bonuses. In other words our tax money is being handed over to the criminals with no strings attached by order of the United States Congress.
The FED continues to gush money "out of thin air", 1.6T one article says not including the 700B. There will be serious consequences for the people, spa treatments for the recipients. Another 125B is to be disbursed to regional banks many of which have said they don't want the money. PAULSON says "you must take it so as not to stigmatize those which do need it".
Meanwhile another article says there are 6 million vacant houses in America and 4 million homeowners at least one month behind on mortgage payments. Another article says 10T has been lost in world equity markets THIS MONTH. Credit card delinquencies are increasing rapidly and this debt underpins more trillions in Wall Street financial exotica. No one is allowed to fail no matter how corrupt. THIS IS NOT FREE MARKET CAPITALISM. The U.S. has become Venezuela on steroids BEFORE SANTA takes over. Thank you Congress.
WE are not without good news friends. I'm just feeling especially angry and frustrated today.
The good news is deliveries, while delayed, are still coming PDQ (pretty damn quick) and that means quite literally at any moment.
                    casper    11-02-08