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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 27, 2008

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CONGRESS, some bought, some blackmailed, most SSS (Stuck on Seriously Stupid) opened the gates. The Barbarians are now pouring through the gates screaming ME TOO, ME TOO, gimme my share of their tax money and their grandchildrens future.
"I'm done with Capitalism" said Sarkozy over the weekend. B.S., France went socialist years ago. The socialist are now screaming for communism while the United States CONGRESS, Wall Streets personal WHORES, rush to complete the sellout of America and Freedom.
CLINTON and CONGRESS cancelled all supervision and regulation of Wall Street. BUSH continued the policies of SENIOR and CLINTON. Bankruptcy of everyone except their friends is the result. All roads lead to CONGRESS without which it could not have happened. Blonds? Booze? Money? Children? A trip to the ranch? No problem, here it is, vote as instructed. The few Senators and the House Republicans who said NO are hero's even in defeat. The nation has been "handed over". The TRAITORS opened the gates, the Barbarians are pouring in. And you will now pay dearly said Bush.
The WORLD is in meltdown. All roads lead to the United States Congress. With their votes they "authorized" the rape of the world by Wall Street revoking Sarbanes Oxley under Clinton then proceeding under Bush and Greenspan to lift all regulation or supervision of Wall Street, GSE's, Banks, etc.. Russia is crashing. Less developed countries are without seed or fertilizer and their people are already starving. Public funds are to be used to purchase worthless crap from friends of Bill, Bush, and Paulson. Tricks for you, treats for them. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Ukraine, Iceland, England, the U.S. all in deep dookie. Serious trouble around the globe. Even mideast oil producers having to bail their banks.
The IMF/World Bank meetings in D.C. were followed by the fights at Camp David and the meetings in Paris, now the weekend meetings in Beijing all leading to the D.C. meetings November 15th. A replacement for Bretton Woods (II) the governing monetary structure? You bet!  A weekend statement out of China says the 16 Asian Nations present have thrown their weight behind the 26 Euro Nations present as represented by Sarkozy(E.U. President) which would be at the expense of Merkle, Bush, Paulson and Bernake. Adios U.S./Fed Res Dollar Hegemony.
The Bailout plan was to provide the Banks capital so they could lend to main street to get the economy moving. So what are they doing with the money they may or may not have yet? Buying other Banks. Playing Corporate Raider just like the Fed and Treasury and to hell with main street. The WE THE PEOPLE Supreme Court filings saying its all unconstitutional was, last we heard, in the hands of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (see and pending her decision in favor of WE THE PEOPLE will go to the full Court of Bush puppets. They have announced more "investments" in more banks, 28 I think, and Insurance companies and have begun to let contracts associated with the bailout redacting the terms which is their definition of "transparency". Ha ha, the jokes on you-and me. Tricks for us, treats (billions) for friends of Bill, Bush and Paulson. There remains the question, do they actually have the money for all this plus the 60B to B.of E.?? Or or they just acting as if they do trying to pressure Ginsburg by assuming the "sale"? Don't know but the peoples money will be stolen one way or another and all roads lead to CONGRESS.
All the financial newsletter writers have an opinion as to why the dollar is maintaining its strength right now. Most agree it will revert to fundamentals, i.e. extreme weakness as soon as the chaos settles down a bit. Who says it going to settle down? What if it gets much worse as many predict? Certainly dollar manipulation by central banks acting in concert has been ongoing for weeks and liquidation of all manner of assets abroad and repatriating the cash driving the demand for dollars seems plausible enough but what if? What if the anticipated one for one exchange of Fed Res Debt Instruments (dollars) is reality? Would that not drive the demand by those "in the know" around the world?  
Do we deserve the Government we get? Did we deserve the Clintons corruption? Bush & Cheney? Wall Street control of Government (Paulson/Goldman Sachs)? How about OBAMAS Socialism/Communism policies and his ties to Goldman Sachs?? Does our vote count, or is it "counted" by the voting machines they own and program? McCain would be 80 at the end of a second term. He seems semi-senile already to me. Perhaps OBAMA, inexperienced like Clinton, has been "selected" by the CFR as Clinton was. This time, for the first time in my view, we may get what we deserve. Never before, I think, have things been so obvious leaving this nation no excuse of ignorance.  The average life span of any "Democracy" is two hundred years. We are overdue for systemic failure and we are seeing it in every way every day. Rather than defend the Republic and the Constitution (Ron Paul?) we are ready to elect the most left wing extremist candidate for President in the history of the country, the polar opposite of Paul or even McCain. We Americans prefer inexperience, don't care about citizenship issues or extremist religious views or associations with questionable characters of every stripe. Sex Ed for kindergartners that's what we want, scissors through the brains of infants as they exit the womb, a man who votes "present" (130 times) when the going gets tough, who's pastor of 20 years says G.D. AMERICA, a man who has "lost" his Senior Thesis along with his left wing University doing the same, a man supported by Muslims worldwide and socialist Europe, the darling of the same sex marriage crowd, Hollywood, Vermont and the left wing media and the favorite son of the GSE's, we prefer no I.D.'s to vote or for drivers licenses either, we prefer International Taxation be added to his domestic tax and spend policies which is his and Bidens definition of Patriotism, we want someone who gave a million dollars to fraudulent voter registration organizations (Acorn) and served as their attorney, we want wealth redistribution from those who earned it to those who slept, no god or guns or faith for us anymore, nosiree bobtail, we prefer a community organizer to someone who offered his life in defense of his country, we prefer surrender and defeat to a victorious surge, we prefer a man who does not salute the flag or sing the National Anthem to one who's father and grandfather were Navy Admirals, we prefer a trillion dollars of new spending proposals to the elimination of earmarks, we prefer a liberal litmus test for judges, we prefer a narcissist vice president to one with traditional Christian values, we prefer congressionally mandated "liar loans" to sound business practices, we prefer government run health care to our own choice of doctors, we prefer an orator to a long record of service, we prefer the lunatic left and the poison of OBAMA to the Milk of Magnesia of McCain and we prefer a first lady who is as far left of OBAMA as OBAMA is of McCain.
Perhaps the deliveries and the announcements will yet save us.
Otherwise the time draws near I fear to say goodbye to the late great nation of America and to the freedom it stood for.  
                  casper  10-27-08