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The excuse for delv delay Wed. was Trustees getting paid their money (on the computers) and into the banks paying down to their associates. By afternoon Wed. we didn't much care as all sources had the news that releases occurred at 1p.m. yesterday, again, for delivery today (Thursday) starting at 1p.m. EST.
Now news is coming forth of still another delay until tomorrow, no excuses attached as yet.
What follows is not hard news but personal speculation:
Not only is it unconstitutional to bail the corrupt Fed Res banks with public funds (bailout money) but it is even more blatantly unconstitutional to use public funds to purchase worthless toxic crap created by criminals from the banks as directed by PAULSON whose conflicts of interest are apparent to anyone with a third grade education. The Politicians know this is unconstitutional even if the sheep do not. They are not operating under the Constitution but rather the Corporation and their enacted "legislative democracy" which replaced the Republic and "public policy" rather than the Constitution. They are TRAITORS and criminals in partnership with the Bankers, the GSE's and Wall Street.
Lawsuits in the Supreme Court last week arguing same.
The Fox News one time blurp "The distribution of the funds to the banks are being delayed due to legal issues surrounding Capital Investment of public funds".
Now WE hear BUSH promised the Bank of England 60B of U.S. taxpayer funds as a "first payment" in addition to the 25B each to CITI, CHASE, and B.of A., the 10B to Goldman, etc. etc... The B.of E.'s announced bailout of three banks including The Royal Bank of Scotland costing 63B is likely dependent upon receipt of this "first payment" from BUSH, i.e. PAULSON & CASH n CARRY (KASHKARI).
If deliveries and announcements of the Constitution occurs today where does that leave them? In the pokey perhaps? Or at least all dressed up with no where to go, i.e. sitting on 700B they can't distribute as planned. Either they must get BUSH's puppet John Roberts to toss the WE THE PEOPLE lawsuit so they can distribute the taxpayer funded Bailout monies to their corrupt banking buddies or they must have deliveries and therefore announcements delayed until they find a way around this problem and get the money distributed. Circumstantial evidence points to the outright failure of the best laid plans of PAULSON/BUSH which would leave the Banks to choke on their own garbage and might even mean a domino effect regarding the bank bailouts and shotgun mergers. Given the Court rulings for BUSH recently they might simply say "in for a penny in for a pound", i.e. we are equally corrupt, part of the Corporate Structure and have incorporated ourselves without regard to the Constitution so we may as well continue this to the very end. 
The alternate storyline is that even though delv were to be Wed. and were not, even though Thursday and are not yet, they will be Friday with announcements Friday night.
Delivery predictions are not offered up willy nilly although it must appear that way. Things are scheduled, things are delayed. There is nothing we can do about that except report as it occurs.
WE expect the announcements will bring down their house of cards and now hear they may come through the Emergency Broadcast System on all channels.
Hang in there friends, this long and difficult journey is about to end with a bright new road ahead.
                 casper   10-23-08  2nd