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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 23, 2008

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No sense going into the reason for yesterdays one day delay, we are rescheduled for today.
This morning in the House Oversight Committee, prior to Greenspans testimony, the Republicans tried to introduce a call for a special prosecutor to investigate the financial fraud in the Banks and Freddie/Fannie. They were "hammered down" by the committee chairman Democrat Henry Waxman. Who wants the truth to come out? Republicans, that's who. Who is blocking the investigations? The same Democrats who pushed through the Bailout Bill over Republican objections that's who. The dog and pony shows not withstanding, they can't allow the public to learn before the election that of the 178 million in Freddie/Fannie Bribes to Congress so far acknowledged, more went to OBAMA in his short time there than to Dodd in his 20+ years there. 
Now the equally corrupt REPUBLICAN controlled Treasury Department, instead of the promised full disclosure, is covering up their distribution of taxpayer funds (bailout$$) and the prices paid to their Banking buddies for their worthless toxic "assets". It is a cesspool of corruption with the Politicians, Banks, Treasury Department and the FED acting together in their own interest at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE. The Politicians grab as much as possible from the people while the FED runs full out creating "out of thin air" while the Treasury borrows every cent possible from foreigners adding it to the national debt for our grandchildren to pay. Criminals protecting crooks. Cover ups everywhere you look. And the Corporate media participates in the cover ups.
Of course the above is "last weeks" scam. The scam du jure is "lets change the accounting rules". Lets no longer require financial institutions to "mark to market" the crap on their books. Lets let them lie and claim they are worth more, lots more than they can be sold for. That's the ticket, change the rules, let them lie. That's the way to return confidence to the system don't you think?
Why? Why does free market capitalism APPEAR to be failing? Because "they" will not allow free market capitalism to work. The Government will not allow the largest and most corrupt banks to fail. The crooks are not only protected but are now given billions more, hundreds of billions more, instead of their just reward which is failure. The socialist are determined to blame it on free market capitalism while they simultaneously refuse to allow the market to correct itself by allowing the largest and most corrupt to fail. As long as you are a "friend of PAULSON/BUSH/CLINTON" you will be bailed. 25B each to CITI, CHASE and B ofA even when there was no request for the money. The assets underlying the problems (mortgages) could have been bought for less than has already been spent to bail the Banks and Wall Street and Freddie/Fannie. The financial exotica, stacked many levels above the actual asset, like an inverted pyramid, was nothing but a cash cow for the crooks in the first place. The refusal to let them pay the price for their corruption is Enforced Socialism.
Their con job continues day after day. The WE THE PEOPLE lawsuits filed by SCHULZ at the SUPREME COURT last week may be bearing fruit???? I SAW a blurp on FOX Tuesday morning saying Paulson's distribution of OUR MONEY to the banks has been held up " DUE TO LEGAL ISSUES SURROUNDING PUBLIC CAPITAL INVESTMENTS". If we get delv today and announcements tonight or tomorrow starting with the return to the CONSTITUTION what are they going to do then? No where does the Constitution give them the right to take money from the people to bail out their corrupt buddies and themselves (10 B to Goldman).
                 casper   10-23-08