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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 19, 2008

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The "Closed Session" of the Supreme Court did not end Thursday as we previously reported. It continued Thursday and Friday and ended Saturday.
Recall that the World Court, in response to further blockage by BUSH Wednesday, filed papers against the United States Wednesday night or Thursday morning ordering deliveries by 6p.m. Friday and containing "attachments" of unknown content. Bush had claimed in the Wld. CT. our funding is terrorist money and we are all terrorist. The Court responded he was/is full of pookie, the funds come with CCC Documentation (clean, clear and non-criminal) and that it is the Court which provided same.
The "action" then shifted to the Supreme Court run, as you know, by BUSH's puppet John Roberts where an array of SENATORS and BUSH allies argued against deliveries and the World Court orders. Remember our reporting a year ago that several of the "Justices" had been to the "sex ranch" on Military land outside D.C. where children were hunted down and raped in the woods. The SUPREMES we hear, in their TREASONOUS wisdom gave BUSH and the SENATORS some kind of ruling against the World Court rulings causing one SENATOR to remark, we hear, "We control the world economically and militarily and you people and the rest of the world better get used to it".
Be sure to read the posting on FOURWINDS today by Heneghan regarding a split this weekend between BUSH and SARKOSY which WE are also hearing about with FRANCE and likely the European Union (Sarkosy is President) and European Commission (BAROSO was also present) telling little Hitler they will not go along with his TREASON against the American people. Couple this with the STORY reference to the "G-7 approved refunding plan" and to this add the reports that BUSH and BERLESCONI "had words" during his visit last week then add the World Court filings against the U.S. and throw in some rumors of pending Economic Sanctions against the U.S. and any other country aiding BUSH'S  blockage of deliveries and suddenly we have the makings of a worldwide revolt against BUSH and a major showdown well underway.
Regarding Heneghan's reference to the Red Chinese Assassination squads led by Francis Fong working for BUSH/CLINTON and CERTIFY with picture showing FONG and CLINTON together WE can also report additional assassination attempts against still more Patriots in recent months.
Now BUSH calls for a summit of world leaders to deal with the economic situation, a new Bretton Woods. The Wall Street/Goldman Sachs/U.S. Government/Fed Res/U.S. Treasury subsidary of Goldman Sachs monetary and banking and corrupt financing systems are in a state of collapse as all are aware, yet he continues to block the SOLUTION (settlements) and designs to establish something new in which he and his cronies can maintain world control and avoid the deliveries, announcements, constitution, exposure and arrest. It isn't a gonna happen we hear.
While the BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH crime syndicate is despised domestically by everyone who knows what they have done and are doing, we hear it is much worse around the world where some of his actions are so vile and disgusting foreign sources avoid discussing the details.
Remember that the World Court is the legal arm of the UNITED NATIONS and while the U.S. does have veto power in the Security Council this Court is now acting on behalf of all the nations which can not be funded until we receive.
The SECRECY continues to be very very severe. A "CLOSED SESSION" of the Supreme Court does not refer to the doors being closed but to the secret nature of the proceedings. WE are encountering the same level of secrecy in many areas such as the IMF, BRUSSELS and CHINA where access is now denied.
The movement of funds this past week appears to be true but access to those funds are dependent upon delivery of the packages which are dependent upon the parallel activities in the Courts as described above.
The QUEEN remains involved in all these goings on as BUSH owes her 7 or 8T. When we are funded these funds are no longer available for theft so they delay and block in order to continue the attempts to steal.
The world, the Countries, the Court and WE THE PEOPLE have all had it with BUSH. Imagine blocking debt forgiveness, the Constitution, the countries funding and the funding of thousands of humanitarian projects around the world not to mention thousands of Trustees and Investors receiving, all for the purpose of holding onto to power. The SENATORS and the Supreme Court are just as guilty as BUSH/CLINTON and make no mistake, the same NWO crowd controls McCain and to an even greater degree, OBAMA.
There are many reports of delivery Monday or Tuesday. Most of these appear to be offered without knowledge of the Supreme Court sessions and rulings. One source said the packs would be retrieved last night by force if necessary.
The ongoing destruction of every aspect of American financial life by Wall Street, the Congress and BUSH begs the question we often pose, is it intentional? After all, when in history has there ever been such incest between the Politicians, the GSE's and Wall Street? You know the formula.  Create a crisis, come forward with the solution consolidating power in the hands of the ruling elite at the expense of the people and wipe out any remaining civil rights and national sovereignty in the process. If you do not see this possibility open your eyes. The NAU? The AMERO?
Ten Billion of the Bailout funds to Goldman. Now Mr Cash n Carry arrives at Treasury FROM GOLDMAN to manage the distribution of the 700B++. It's a travesty.
While typing this late Sunday the "Poofness" update hit the in box and is loaded with good news describing the REVOLT mentioned above. His is a very important update which allows me to end this here as he has covered the details very nicely.
                             casper    10-19-08