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CASPER UDATE: Oct. 17, 2008

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Again it seems no matter how clear WE try to be some readers can't read or WE can't write. You decide.
The $300K is not a payment to the masses. Debt forgiveness up to a maximum of $300K is for the masses not just program recipients. This is one piece, one part of the larger picture of which our deliveries and funding are also one piece, one part. The $300K is not a payment. If it were half the people would end up in Las Vegas.
Hello Constitution, Debt Forgiveness, Honest Banking and Program Funding.  Goodbye corrupt Politicians, Corporate Government, corrupt banking and the privately owned FED RES.  It's a start folks. 
Those who have already lost their homes, their retirement and their shirt are suffering at the hands of BUSH, PAULSON and the corrupt POLITICIANS and BANKS, GSE's and "SECURITIZERS" on WALL STREET which are now Bankrupt or merged or converting themselves from Investment Banks to Bank Holding Companies.  Look to Washington D.C. and Wall Street not to those working for us if you seek to assign guilt for the circumstances millions of Americans now find themselves in. Remember BUSH'S comment, "Because the American people did not support me they will  NOW SUFFER GREATLY".
The New York Times says each Congressman/woman voting for the Bailout Bill was paid $850,000. by the Lobbyist for their vote. No amount given for Senators. Incest, Bribery and Treason plain and simple.
WE are not principals. WE are observers and reporters. WE can not explain everything that's being done or not done. WE can GUESS that arresting a sitting war time President operating under Emergency Powers is more difficult than you may know. We hear arrests are still coming but follow deliveries and announcements. The goal is to effect the changeover from blatant corruption to many things good and decent WITHOUT PANICKING THE PEOPLE or destroying the existing financial infrastructure. If you do not understand this perhaps because we have done a poor job of explaining it, no matter. It is coming down in the way planned by the good guys and we must all look to the announcements for further clarification.
When WE "tell on them" such as naming the countries aliened with BUSH it does not mean this is something new for you to be worried about. This has been the situation all along and overcoming BUSH and ALL of his allies has been the subject here for years. These disclosures are not written to upset you but rather to help you understand why there is two steps forward followed by one backwards. We are winning this war day in and day out otherwise we would not be predicting deliveries so often. Then BUSH or "they" do something that requires fixing so it gets fixed and we are again on go. With each move forward and back we gain a step, he loses a step. The summary of this behind the scenes activity is in the prediction of immediate delivery or the acknowledgement of further delay which WE openly and honestly disclose when it occurs. And if the wheels should ever come off our wagon we would disclose that no matter how painful. Such is not the case. Deliveries are possible even today. Action in the World Court and the Supreme Court has been concluded in our favor after BUSH again blocked deliveries Wednesday.
You must hold onto your faith and understand this has been a war between good and evil and evil has lost. There will be no headlines reading "BUSH DEFEATS GOD".
Debt forgiveness for the general public is a start. The greater issue is the extent to which each recipient will accept the responsibility for being his brothers keeper. Food pantries are empty. There is no end to the list of things we can do and should do and WILL DO?
It appears the ten million man march will not be necessary but calling this possibility to their attention was important we think,.. so we did.
                    casper   10-17-08