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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 16, 2008

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Deliveries were scheduled yesterday.
BUSH and allies blocked deliveries again yesterday.
BUSH and the D.C. Politicians are blocking distribution of the "Marshall Plan Money" to AMERICAN CITIZENS as called for in the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and program funding and in turn the world funding of the prosperity programs. The money left over after the reconstruction of Europe after World War II, having been "traded" for decades, is a huge sum of money distributed by BUSH to the Vatican, the Queen, Queen Beatrice and others and subsequently recovered and made ready for delivery to the American people in the form of debt forgiveness. Each American is to have up to $300,000. in debt forgiven be it credit card debt, student loans, auto notes, mortgages, etc. etc..
Now think carefully about this friends. Instead of allowing this windfall to the American people the Politicians are blocking this and the delivery of packages and the return to the Constitution for the sole purpose of retaining themselves in power and avoiding the attendant exposures. It is TREASON, it is beyond Treason. Instead of this glorious outcome for the people the pawns in Congress, most of whom understand exactly what is going on, pass taxpayer funded "bailout" bills and now that the gates have been opened will reach into our pockets as deep as necessary to preserve the existing and utterly corrupt banking and monetary system as it is the source of their control and power. They are willing to throw every business and every citizen in America "under the bus" to hold onto their unconstitutional Corporations and their personal elitist control of the country and indeed the privately owned central banking systems of the world knowing full well great prosperity is ready for distribution worldwide. 
It gets worse. The creation of incredible sums of credit and fiat currency is added to the national debt enslaving our grandchildren for generations to come. As this Treason works it way through the system inflation and rising interest rates are the natural outcome. The borrowings of the Government will compete against private market capital needs of American Business eventually resulting in skyrocketing interest rates and inflation. Stated simply, there is no price they are unwilling to FORCE US AND OUR CHILDREN TO PAY in order to hold onto their personnel power, to preserve their Corporations and to avoid exposure of their criminal activities which amount to a private MAFIA running Washington D.C. for the benefit of each other, the Banks, Wall Street, the GSE's and the JOHNS they actually work for.  
BUSH and the D.C. politicians and his extended mafia make agreements, sign documents, then without exception violate every agreement. They fight the deliveries which are followed by announcements which puts them and their corrupt Corporation out of business. They are fighting the Constitution and exposure of their crimes and freedom for the people.
France, Germany, England, Japan and India WE hear, are the countries allied with Bush in blocking the worldwide funding at the expense of the rest of the world and their own people.
Overnight the Japanese Prime Minister said the U.S. Bailout is insufficient. In other words this PAULSON/BUSH ally pops off with what amounts to a call for them to go get more money from the American people. Japan pumped 2.4 Trillion Yen into their system two weeks ago. This week the U.S. Government "guarantees" Mitsubishi's 9B Investment in Morgan Stanley. This weekend Sarkozy meets with BUSH at Camp David. These countries, their finance ministers and political leaders are fighting the funding of their own countries and their own people in an attempt to hold onto their power structure and world control for their personal benefit. This is their NEW WORLD ORDER and they would construct it atop the ashes of their countries national sovereignty.
The daily "SPIN" from BUSH, PAULSON, BERNAKE and world leaders belonging to their MAFIA like NEW WORLD ORDER is designed to divert attention and obfuscates the real reasons for what they present as their attempts to save the existing corrupt system of banking and finance "for the people". The "people" will be infinitely better off with debt forgiveness, honest and transparent banking, the Constitution and Politicians who work for the country rather than the Corporation and those paying the largest bribes. The "SPIN" is designed to cover the truth that the true motivation for taxpayer funded bailouts rather than funding the programs and reflating the world with money which is not debt based, is to preserve themselves in power and to avoid exposure of their dirty deeds AGAINST the people. It is profoundly sick, self indulgent and TREASON. They are attempting to continue the nation in Bankruptcy with still another 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations Contract" managed by their unconstitutional Maritime/Admiralty Court System and when the truth of what they are doing becomes commonly known they may be facing a rope in addition to the loss of their corrupt and unconstitutional power structures.
It is not possible to further inflate their bubbles, ever greater bubbles being necessary to the survival of the debt based monetary system. This is what previous intentional bubbles were all about culminating in the most recent mortgage and securitization bubble which finally caused the balloon to burst. Faced now with the  impossible proposition of continuing the game they still refuse to peacefully acquiesce in the roll over to a sound monetary system and honest banking. They are now reduced to playing DRACULA, thrashing about for a last drink of blood (money) from any conceivable source so as to preserve themselves in power for one more day, one more hour.
What would $300,000. debt forgiveness mean to you, your friends, neighbors and family members? Do you understand this is ready to go, not pie in the sky? Do you understand that BUSH/PAULSON and the D.C. POLITICIANS are doing everything possible to stall and/or block this distribution which spells FREEDOM for most citizens? Do you understand that the MARSHALL PLAN DOCUMENTS specifically state that the money is to be paid only to the citizens of the United States not their Government? And that BUSH has stolen this money more than once to pay off his personal debts around the world only to have it retrieved and made ready for the American people? And that he and PAULSON and their MAFIA work around the clock every day using super computers to try and access this money, the F&P money, the F.C. money, the PROGRAM money, etc. etc.?
What do you suppose American citizens by the tens of millions might do with their D.C. politicians when they learn of their intentional blockage of $300,000. debt forgiveness for each citizen? Is not the time fast approaching when we should make this "secret" available to them? Do you wonder what a "10,000,000 man march" on D.C. would look like? A 50,000,000 man march?   
DO NOT DESPAIR. There are other forces in play and they were dealing with yesterdays problems last night.
Deliveries may well be today. If not we will continue in this miserable endeavor and together decide how best to let WE THE PEOPLE know the truth described above.  
                casper   10-16-08