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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 15, 2008

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Looks like mea culpa time.
The quote in last nights update attributed to OBAMA from his book Audacity of Hope was out of context and wrong. His full statement shows he was promising to stand by Muslim Citizens of America in times of crisis and to protect their rights, an altogether different interpretation than the quote I attributed to him. Apologies to him and his supporters for that error by me.
Was that Cheney standing behind BUSH in the Whitehouse this morning? WE don't know. He looked small of stature to me but like a twin brother in the face. We KNOW he went into Walter Reed as previously reported and access to his floor was blocked. The original report was from within Walter Reed and said he was on life support and brain dead. If WE are able to verify that he is alive and well we will return to the business of kicking him in the shins at every opportunity.
$681B into German Banks. $500B into French banks. $63B into English banks. $250B into American banks. And another T(?) into European, Australian, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Mexican, Canadian and so on and so on and so on. From whence commeth this tsunami of money? AIG, Auto Industry, California, Bear Sterns, Dunkin Donuts? $900B from the Fed in last two weeks, $700B (actually $850B) yet to come? Where from?
Last night PAULSON named the nine big banks receiving the majority of the money. Naturally his co-conspirators at Chase, CITI and B.ofA. headed the list followed by Guess Who?  Come now, you know the answer. GOLDMAN SACHS of course. Already insanely wealthy from the initial screwing they gave the country they are back now for their second bite at the apple as taxpayer funds are used to prop of their share values, warrants, options and comp. packages. Relax says the rapist to his victim. 
The money(credits) being distributed worldwide is apparently coming from the FED according to news releases. So who is funding the FED? This enormous volume of credit creation would be hyperinflationary unless, unless the FED is being propped up with real money. Remembering all the Intel over the years regarding the Fed being bought out it seems reasonable to GUESS its the owners of the new system into which the Fed will be merged which is funding the saving of the banks using the known and accepted vehicle of the Fed Res to do so. And the source of funds would be the same piggy bank from whence our funding comes.
This is not "hard" news. Its more like an informed guess.
WE continue to hear deliveries today.
                   casper   10-15-08