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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 13, 2008 (Updated Oct. 13, 2008)

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The polls say OBAMA in a landslide.
Oh goody, sex education for kindergartners and many other extreme left wing unimaginables.
ACORN delivers 1.3 million voter registrations for OBAMA (enough to hand him the election), an organization he funded with $850,000. of his campaign funds plus other capital infusions he directed from various left wing trusts, not to mention FED FUNDS he pushed through. So WE THE PEOPLE are funding ACORNS fraudulent activities while the Democrats, led by OBAMA and CLINTON rush to their defense. And McCain? With so much legitimate ammunition at his disposal he defends OBAMA. Why? Does it not appear the "fix" is in? Or is it that the country hates BUSH so much they would rather see Satan himself in office than another Republican? This looks very much like the final run up to Clintons first election. The people of Arkansas, and indeed HOPE, Arkansas, knew all about Clinton's history of corruption and drug running. They tried to tell the world to no avail. It had been "ordained" he would be elected as he could be controlled (blackmailed). It was seldom necessary as he was such a willing participant in every imaginable ongoing BUSH SENIOR scam. Soon dozens were getting "whacked", close to a hundred, from the lowliest body guards to the State Troopers to the book writers to the drug running pilots to the children stumbling upon secrets all the way up to the most intimate associates such as Vince Foster. Those who were there and "witnessed" any of it were eliminated. It was all so very obvious and well known in Arkansas. Now witness the media support of all things Obama, left wing "journalist" and "broadcasters" graduates all of the East Coast Establishment Schools teaching Socialism bordering on Communism and any other "ism" opposed to the founding values of the REPUBLIC of the United States. Their "constituency", the Democrats "constituency". OBAMAS "constituency" are over worked and underpaid leaving them little time to consider or understand or become informed about the more difficult issues. There is such a long and horrific laundry list of negatives surrounding OBAMA as there was with CLINTON one is left to say "forgive them lord for they know not what they do". And by the time they figure it out the country will be in the hands of the most extreme left wing incompetent brain washed zealots the country has ever known. Then, as stated publicly by Michelle Obama, "we will remake the country as it should be". The world according to Michelle and Barrack Obama. Forgive them lord for they know not what they do. 
Remember the super URGENT Bailout? Gotta have 700B immediately, etc.. All has changed now. "They" have ORDERED Freddie/Fannie to speed up their purchase of toxic waste mortgages (from the banks) while they spend the Bailout money nationalizing the banks. Taxpayer funds used to buy bank stock will be "non-voting" don't you see, can't have the taxpayers having a say in compensation arrangements with their buddies. This is so much faster and cleaner and less visible don't you see. Instead of PAULSON having to explain over paying for his buddies toxic waste using taxpayer funds they will now put the taxpayer on the hook for the banks bad loans and worthless "assets" and never divulge anything at all. They are putting third world corruption to shame having learned they can do anything at all to the sleeping sheep. 
And who are the great protectors of the GSE's now doubling down and speeding up the purchase of toxic waste mortgage debt? Dodd, Franks and OBAMA.
Meanwhile, not to be outdone, the Republican Controlled Military Industrial Complex "JOHNS" continue to shovel money hand over fist to the "PIMPS" on K Street for delivery to the "WHORES" in Congress. Washington D.C. is a CESSPOOL of corruption. The Beltway is a giant toilet seat. WAKE UP AMERICA.
There are no words, there are not enough words, I am unable to find the words to explain the consequences of the greed and corruption of the Wall Street/Government partnership. Tens of Trillions of Dollars of Wealth is gone, gone, gone with many of the largest piles of debt instruments as yet unattended. What to do? Simple. Lay it off on the taxpayers of the world. Don't allow the corrupt to fail. Protect each others gravy train from the political bribes to the bankers comp. packages.
Now to business:
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Will report again-----------------
Seriously, we are not sure what to say today. WE "hear" tomorrow through the following Tuesday for everything (worldwide) but we are not getting it from our primary sources. No one has come up with Intel regarding what if any decisions were made in the weekend meetings other than the public statements. The FED says they will pump unlimited funny money into the system including the ECB, the B.of E. and the Swiss National Bank and they in turn will provide unlimited liquidity to their Banks and guarantee all debt. This spells preservation of the existing worldwide banking system at least temporarily. 
An appropriate question is whether the FED is acting on its own or being directed by new ownership which has no desire to destroy the Banks causing a worldwide panic. If the FED is creating all this liquidity for the world "out of thin air" would not the value of their money in circulation and the value of Treasury Debt Instruments denominated in Fed Res Dollars and held as reserves abroad be devaluing and collapsing with the massive dilution being announced every day? Its not happening, not yet anyway, leading to speculation there may be more here than meets the eye? Why is the secrecy more strict than ever before? What's to keep secret if not something such as this speculation? Attempting to correct past mistakes by doing the same things twice as fast makes no sense does it? Having a "deal" to reflate the world with our funding and world funding and our deliveries being part of it does make sense doesn't it?
Our news regarding deliveries is not dependable right now (as if it ever was) so we speculate. Will report again when we can do better.
                    casper   10-13-08
PS:   Evening News Says:   Del. Tue /Wed.