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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 11, 2008

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Banks borrowed $430B from the Fed last week . WOW!
The market in Japan opened down 10% last night. The market in Brazil opened down 10% today. The Dow dropped 700 points this morning recovered to positive and is now down 400 pts.. Chaos here there and everywhere.
The Supreme Court ruled today same sex marriages shall be allowed siding with Calif. where 11.500 same sex marriages have occurred since May, and Massachusetts. and against 95% of the American people. Sound familiar?
( Above written Friday.)
After the BUSH fiasco Wednesday "was taken care of" and his deal with Q settled, the Thursday problem had to do with another major country we will not name as they have now "come around". There are six countries flip flopping regularly regarding funding and switching,changing and modifying their loyalties to BUSH. They are all here now, the G-7 the IMF the World Bank etc.. Meanwhile in Europe, Italy and Spain have asked for emergency meetings with Sarkosy in Paris this weekend. 
The Queen, who arrived at Andrews at 12:45 a.m. Tues. night (actually Wed. a.m.) and who has changed sides more times than we can count, made a deal with BUSH then left the country Wed. afternoon or evening not Thursday as we previously thought. Substance of the deal is unknown but the money involved, we hear, was huge.  
Friday was another of those "fool-proof" days. Positively GUARANTEED deliveries, and all major sources had the news. Promised calls again came through to many from on high. Everyone was so sure. We have not been able to determine what happened but the "news", such as it is, remains positive. Many sources can't be reached, others say they have been "gagged" so we are having a difficult time right now. 
Many believe the IMF countries are here to be paid and we must go first therefore weekend deliveries. WE, on the other hand, are stymied at the moment and can't confirm much of anything. As we have been reporting for more than a week the ABC boys are diverting our outgoing and incoming calls to/from offshore contacts to Langley rendering some of our communications slow and difficult. It is obvious heavy duty stuff is going on this weekend and our deliveries are likely involved one way or another. Rarely have "they" been this successful keeping their own people quiet but that is what we are dealing with.  WE hear enormous pressure is being brought to bear on BUSH right now.
No further word on Cheney but continue to hear our original reporting was accurate.
Many sources hear and believe the "trigger packs" no longer must come first and are therefore no longer a hindrance to deliveries. WE have likely spent more time on this issue than any other since, if true, it would allow us to quit working so hard to follow those particular packs.  Our sources disagree with these other sources and insist they must still come first and are in fact the trigger for announcements. As we continue to debate this subject with our allies week after week we always ask, "if your info is correct why have the other programs not been delivered"?
When news is scarce don't lose track of the extreme intensity of world events and the economic warfare which continues behind the scenes. There is so much at stake and so many possible interpretations of daily events. It's not just the silence or the blackout but also the intrigue and subterfuge involved with so many factions from multiple countries and power centers.
Let us hope the simplest and most obvious observation is correct that being that everything is being "settled out" between all of them and deliveries are part of it.
The alternative view or observation would be that the corrupt privately owned fiat Central Banks and Monetary Authorities are saying "hell no we won't go", i.e. Basel, Global Banking, Constitution, deliveries, announcements, exposure etc. etc. and "we will retain the status quo and world control no matter the cost". If this were to be the outcome we would have World Control (same as world govt) by the same financial elite who gave us the FED RES and now possibly plot and scheme the future of mankind behind closed doors at the IMF Headquarters in D.C. rather than Jeckyll Island.
This would not be a "solution" for current financial circumstances and would only delay a devastating worldwide collapse in the form of hyperinflation followed by deflation exactly as Jefferson warned.
In the absence of current news we must remember that the "world" has had it with the U.S. use of monopoly money to pay for real and tangible goods and services. The "Investment" of their surpluses in Treasury Instruments was shaky already and now that the Politicians and Paulson are moving to "Nationalize" everything using unlimited creation of still more monopoly money, the choice becomes worldwide bankruptcy vs U.S. Bankruptcy.
The only "solution" is our funding, tax receipts to sovereign Treasuries, Bankruptcy of the Fed Res and demise of the worlds existing reserve currency, the Privately Issued Fed Res Dollar and the end of the "debt as money" monetary system. They are trying to catch Niagara Falls in a wash tub. It won't work, the "countries" know it won't work and we must remember---the countries are not the bankers and the United States is not the Fed Res. Yes the WHORES (politicians) are controlled by the bankers but all of them have the solution on the table in front of them.
If they fail to grasp the solution and instead try to preserve the already failed existing monetary system of the western world we are looking at bread lines and "they" are looking at revolution, civil war and the rope.
Did you see "V" for Vendetta? That's what they will be looking at and it is their greed and lust for power which will have brought it about.
                 casper   10-11-08
p.s.:  World Wide deliveries were scheduled for 08-08-08. All delays since then caused by Bush and his never ending attempts to steal, divert, and or scatter various portions of the funds.