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WE now have confirmation from many many directions that every word in today's earlier update "was 100% accurate". Of course we already knew that since we were present so to speak.
People, don't get upset with the threats of the Oval Office piss ant. He is being "handled" by the good guys. It is not at all unusual for him to "blow up" as he did today when he can't have his way. Later in the day he threatened the Queen's life. She told him to go to hell. He also threatened to shoot the carriers. If we could tell all we know you would have no concern with his threats-but we can't, so please, just take our word for it.  He is insane you know. You realize that don't you?
Cheney is and has been on life support for some time now and he is to be disconnected tonight.  You will be allowed to know soon.  Our deepest sympathy to his family.
In light of today's developments WE now expect the military to accompany deliveries tomorrow. It took a while to make the arrangements.
Did you hear that AIG has another expensive junket scheduled for Northern California later this week? I guess that's why PAULSON gave them another 38B of taxpayer funds today. It took about a week to spend the original 85B. Lets see now, 10B per day? Nothing for a "stepper".
Have you heard or read about the ties between BEMA and GOLDMAN SACHS? Surprise Surprise Surprise as Gamer Pyle would say.
WE hear 10B was the number offered the media to put a lid on it. Someone had the presence of mind to ask dufus (G.W.) where he would get the money. No answer naturally since his accounts are frozen.
The last minute banking problems in Europe have been dealt with.
The merger of the Government with Wall Street under the management of Goldman is well under way now. This is known historically as Fascism. Its also called TREASON. Thank you Congress.
Now California, Massachusetts, Foreign Banks, the Commercial Paper Market, Charles Manson, etc etc etc are all lining up for their dip in the public trough. Thank you Congress.
Did you hear about the Chairman of Lehman Brothers being knocked cold as a wedge by his own employee? He walked with a hundred M or so while the stock holders were wiped out.
Well enough of that, its been a long day.
Dels. tomorrow barring unforeseen--blah blah.
              casper   10-8-08   2nd