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CASPER UPDATE: Oct. 8, 2008

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Deliveries were scheduled to begin at 1p.m. EST with announcements tonight.
Confrontations with BUSH occurred throughout the night and morning involving the Queen (who arrived around 1 a.m) and the couriers and the media.
Threats were made by BUSH including violence as well as using HLS, Ex. Orders and bribes running into the Billions. Nothing was working for BUSH so he has now threatened the program recipients with "elimination", especially the Freedom recipients as that triggers announcements.
The media and the carriers did not fold this time nor did they accept the bribes. Threats of violence by HLS armed with Ex. Orders were met with statements that the delivery personel are armed also.
WE are unclear regarding Q's activities except to say she is here to get the deal done and was meeting with the media this morning.
WE hear the military has finally stepped in as a result of his threats against recipients with the net outcome being a delay to later in the day for deliveries and announcements still tonight.
              casper  10-8-08