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Over Time what have we learned?
* That the most worthless piece of paper in the world is anything with G.W. BUSH'S signature on it.
* That both McCain and Obama have said they will, as President, continue to block deliveries.
* That Gates, Trump and Buffett have thrown in with BUSH for unknown reasons.
* That the biggest Trustee's in the U.S. and Europe were working for BUSH SENIOR and sabotaging funding.
* That certain World Court and Supreme Court Justices have assisted in the sabotage at various times in various ways.
* That with the help of PAULSON and those Trustees BUSH has been able to steal, divert and/or scatter program funds over and over and over again.
* That Carlyle and all Carriers /Couriers have followed BUSH orders to sabotage deliveries time and time again. 
* That the politicians, having been bought and blackmailed, will do anything to block deliveries to block announcements to avoid exposure and loss of their private fiefdoms. 
* That the Goldman Sachs/U.S. Govt. Treasury Department will borrow any amount of money, order the FED RES to print any amount of money, bill the taxpayers any amount of money to preserve the existing privately owned fiat fractional corrupt banking/monetary system even if it bankrupts every business and every citizen in the country. 
* That every agency and department of the Government, like the Government itself, has been incorporated flushing the Republic and the Constitution and "overlaying" it with a Legislative Democracy governing via "public policy" and ALL OF THEM ARE AWARE OF THIS AND PARTICIPANTS IN THIS TREASON. 
* That the entire court system has been incorporated all the way down to individual courts using Admiralty/Maritime law to overrule and rule against any and all Constitutional arguments. 
* That BUSH JR./SENIOR and allies have somehow so far managed to thwart all Countries and us regarding funding.
* That the military has proven useless and their oath to the Constitution means no more to them than it does to the politicians.
* That corruption in America is endemic, out of control and is a top down phenomena.
On the brighter side we have learned;
* That there is a force, a power, an opposition to them, strong enough to retrieve stolen and/or scattered funds again and again and again and return them to their proper place promptly.
* That there remains Trustees around the world working toward funding.
* That the entire world has become aware of the Criminal Cabal in charge of Washington D.C. and the U.S. financial/banking system.
* That the existing worldwide fiat banking system is collapsing before our eyes.
* That fifteen years of toil and investigation by dozens of people leading to the results described here so often does not disappear into thin air because news is scarce at the last minute.
* That the demise of the old is inevitable and we are the new.
* That a couple of hundred definitive increments of Intel, although to lengthy to repeat again now, leads experienced investigators to conclude that things are coming down NOW in more or less the manner previously described here.
That's our story and WE are sticking to it and ---
p.s., WE expect deliveries tomorrow.
                  casper   10-6-08   2nd edition